10 Healthy Meals To Make Using a Spiralizer

If you are getting bored with the same size and styles of soups and salads, then here is the solution to your problem. You can use a Spiralizer tool. It is the kitchen tool that converts vegetables into long curly ribbons. You can easily cut your vegetables and fruits into lavish and long noodle shape stripes.

With the help of these curly long ribbons, you can make healthy and delicious recipes quickly. There are dozens of different types of vegetables that you can spiralize for your salads and soups. You can take more vegetables into your diet by spiralizing them, like the not so popular, but healthy, zuchinni. It also saves you a lot of time in the kitchen. You can make so many super cool things with these curly long ribbons.

Here are few dishes you can pep up with a spiralizer.

1. Pasta.

The pasta dish is rich in carbohydrate. It is one of the most delicious dishes that are liked by both adults and children. You can prepare vegetable pasta at you home by using spiralizer. You can add more energy to this dish by adding more spiralized vegetables and zucchini noodles. In this way, you can make your boring pasta more interesting and healthy. It can be cooked with ease and in no time.

2. Noodles.

One of the favorite dishes of most of the children and adults is noodles. There are many types of noodles recipes. With the help of zucchini noodle maker, you can prepare this dish at your home. You can make this dish healthier by adding healthy and fresh vegetables to it. You can make your dish more colorful by adding more spiralized colorful vegetables to it. This will add more nutrients to your diet.

3. Rice.

Most people prepare rice daily at their home. The simple rice recipe doesn’t seem to be healthy and interesting. So, it is good to add more hard vegetables to make it more healthy and delicious. Use spiralizer and cut a variety of vegetables in curvy long ribbons. You can add potato, onion, carrot, beetroot and many other spiralized vegetables. You will love this spiralized vegetable rice. This also makes your rice healthier.

4. Buns.

Sandwich or patty is one of the yummy snacks for everyone and especially for kids. Everyone wants to eat this food for breakfast or as a snack. Now, you can make this delicious food more interesting and healthier directly in your home. You can add vegetables by spiralizing them and also add compressed vegetable noodles to your patty or sandwich. You can prepare different types of patty, including potato patty, carrot patty, mixed vegetable patty and many other different types of patties. In this way, you can make it more interesting, hygienic, healthy and more flavored. You can replace the outside patties with these homemade spiralized patties. It is also one of the best foods for the kid’s lunch box.

5. Fries and chips.

One of the tea time snacks of every home is Fries and chips. These are mostly available in the packed form in different flavors, including high sodium content, low sodium, artificially colored and many others. These preservatives are not good for health. It is better to prepare these snakes at home. You just have to spiralize the hard vegetables like potato, carrot, diet, and others. You can cut the vegetables into the chips and short string shape by using the different blade of the spiralizer. After this, fry these veggies in oil. You can sprinkle salt as you need to make it more delicious and healthy. In this way, you can get all the vitamins and essential nutrients and you can also enjoy your teatime favorite snack.

6. Pasta salad.

Pasta salad is one of the delicious recipes. Now, you can make this pasta salad in your home. You can cut different veggies, including beans, tomato, and lettuce and add these veggies to your pasta salad by using spiralizer. In this way, you can make your pasta salad more colorful, healthy and delicious. You can impress your guest with this healthy homemade pasta salad.

7. Pizza.

The Pizza crusts available in the market have zero nutritional value. You can make this pizza crust by compressing vegetable noodles and adding an egg for sticking the veggies. You can even make your pizza healthier at home. You can cut the veggies with the help of spiralizer and spread it over the base with pizza sauce over the base. Now microwave this pizza. In this way, you can make your pizza more delicious, hygienic and health

8. Soups.

You can prepare the vegetable healthy soup at your home. You can add different vegetables to your soup including carrot, capsicum, cabbage, potato and more. Use spiralizer to cut your vegetables and add these fresh vegetables to your soup. This will increase the nutritional value of your home.

9. Salads.

Now, you can prepare the vegetable salad very easily at your home. You can cut different vegetables with the help of spiralizer to form a salad. You can cut cucumber, carrots, beet and other veggies in your salad. It will make your salad more colorful, flavored and add texture. It will increase the vitamin and nutritional value of the salad.

10. Casseroles.

Cutting and slicing pasta noodles requires a lot of time. You can use zucchini noodle maker to cut different vegetables. You can cut hundreds of veggies without compromising the quality and taste and impress your guests.