Zynga acquires small developer Newtoy

Having conquered the social gaming industry, Zynga is constantly looking to expand and has bought out a small mobile game developer called Newtoy.

It’s a big deal because, up to now, it was companies like Zynga that were being bought up by other companies. Now, it’s the one doing the buying.

Zynga makes the hugely popular Facebook games Farmville and Mafia Wars. It almost singlehandedly made the market of “social games” a marketable reality. Newtoy is co-owned by brothers Paul and David Bettner and is best known for its iPhone word games.

The Bettners also worked on the development team of Halo Wars, one of the most high-profile Xbox 360 games to date. So they know their stuff.

Zynga has shown an interest in mobile, having released a version of Farmville for the iPhone and announcing it’s working on Android titles as well. This acquisition gives it a further boost to increase its presence beyond just doing games that are playable on Facebook.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.