Winklevoss twins become pistachio pitchmen

Well, it may not pay the millions of dollars they sought in their Facebook lawsuit, but the Winklevoss twins have landed a new job.

Clearly still eager to be in the spotlight, the litigation-happy, ego-filled twins are now the stars of the latest commercial for Wonderful Pistachios.

The ad puts the two spoon-fed guys in a new light – a humorous one. For the first time, we see that they can actually joke around and even poke fun at themselves a little bit.

Exactly how much the pair made from the brief commercial shoot is unknown, but this is clearly not about cash.

Of course, the Winklevoss brothers sought huge paydays from Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg because they claimed ownership of the idea for the site. While they did plant the seed in Zuckerberg’s mind, he radically changed the original Winklevoss plan and made it wholly his own creation.

Nevertheless, there was no denying that Zuckerberg played a dirty game on some level. As such, even though they didn’t win their bid to suck more money, the Winklevi did alright for themselves. They nabbed a $65 million settlement.

If I were a Winklevoss, I’d be quite happy with that and would go live a nice life on Long Island. But nothing is enough for these nuts. I’m referring to Wonderful Pistachios, of course; they can never have enough star power.

Then again, nothing is ever good enough for the Winklevoss duo either. Could this be the beginning of a long-running acting career? …Let’s hope not.