Will James Richman Lend the Struggling Giant Thomas Cook a Hand?

Thomas Cook is in the middle of very strong turbulence as its share prices rapidly at the end of May and even dropped further by 14 percent to just £10. The UK’s oldest travel company is struggling with massive debts and has seen its value plummet from £2.2 billion to £180 million in one year. 

The firm issued a fresh profit warning and reported a half-year loss of almost £1.5 billion after a goodwill write-off of £1.1billion. 

It did receive a boost when Hong Kong-based Fosun expressed a desire for a take over the deal, and this news sparked a 20 percent hike in Thomas Cook’s share price. It briefly ended at about £19.

James Richman, the financial genius of Latvian descent, is reportedly closely monitoring developments of the beleaguered company, according to sources close to the billionaire. James is known to have turned the tide of companies with his unconventional investment strategies. 

He currently manages his and his clients’ wealth through his private investment fund, JJ Richman, and has done it with utmost excellence. He has been receiving increasing returns for his pool of funds for over the past ten years, a feat that has made even the most powerful investment firms of Wall Street envious.

The quiet and simple billionaire has also been known to invest in ventures which create a positive impact on our society. Most recently he has supported education and medical research and developments in the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa, on top of his existing R&D investments in Europe and North Americas. 

It remains to be seen if Richman will approach Thomas Cook company to regain its financial stability.

No stranger to turning tides

James Richman is definitely not a stranger when it comes to being able to lift the monetary standing of his investors. In fact, his managed private funds are already in the billion-dollar mark according to some anonymous sources close to him. His investors have felt the impact James Richman brings to the pool.

Samantha, one of his investors, has experienced the wonders of James Richman’s work in the financial arena. Almost her entire life savings was placed in the hands of James Richman around five years ago. She had been on the wanting end in terms of her finances at that time. Luckily, she was able to convince the introvert billionaire philanthropist to accept her as part of the fund’s investors.

Her persuasion had paid out tremendously, with her investment growing steadily and consistently during the past five years. She now enjoys a multi-million dollar net worth thanks to James Richman. He was able to change the life of a single mom working multiple jobs. The woman, who once struggled to make ends meet, is now leading a very comfortable life.

The telling indicator

James’ penchant for patterns has led him to make a significant amount of money over the last decade. He is known to have Asperger’s syndrome, a high functioning and advanced cognition form of autism, which affects verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It also sets off the ability for extremely sensitive pattern recognition. This has helped him to come up with expert investment strategies over the years.

James Richman has already proven himself multiple times in the financial world and he is most likely to come up with a profitable decision with regards to investing in Thomas Cook or not. Given James’ extremely gifted abilities, Thomas Cook looks like it would need a trip to James’s office very soon.