Why Serviced Offices Are Ideal For Tech And Innovation Startups

If you have recently started a business in the tech space, you could undoubtedly feel very excited. However, your excitement could soon be tempered if you fail to find the right office space for your young company. A serviced office could be just the space you need…

A serviced office is a ready-furnished office with internet and phone lines and a range of tech already set up, as Startups.co.uk explains. So, what benefits do such offices hold for firms like yours?

Serviced offices accommodate business growth

The first few months and years of a startup’s life can be haphazard and unpredictable. Sometimes, a step you take can shortly be followed by two steps back. However, a serviced office provider can easily account for such growth by scaling your space up and down as you require.

You don’t need to spend time setting anything up

What exactly comes with a serviced office? There’s no straight, uniform answer to this question – but, as we have already touched upon, pre-connected internet and phone lines are typical inclusions. Tech like computers and printers is also usually ready for you to use straight away.

The immediacy of a serviced office is a strong selling point, as you ideally want to “hit the ground running” with your new business. Such an office will make it easier for you to do that.

Serviced offices come with various useful services

Again, you won’t find a simple, straightforward answer about what those services include, as they can differ between office providers. However, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a reception desk already manned by a member of the provider’s staff.

Other services on offer can range from bookable meeting rooms to weekly doughnut trolleys.  

You can sign up to a flexible lease

What will your business be like in, say, five years’ time? You might have little idea, hence why you might be reluctant to commit to a long-term lease with your new office. Fortunately, you don’t actually have to with a serviced office, which can you borrow for just a month, week or even day.

You can make a more positive impression on potential clients

This can start from the moment that the client phones your receptionist. Remember, this receptionist can come from the office provider itself. As well as taking calls when you’re too busy to take them yourself, this staffer can direct clients who visit your company’s office.

This latter point can be especially crucial in certain fields, like marketing. LondonlovesBusiness.com explains: “When a client walks into a vibrant, creative marketing agency office, it can close the deal.”

Serviced offices are available in commercial hotspots

Though major cities like London can be expensive places to land office space, a serviced office can cut the usual outlay necessary, as you are unlikely to be that office’s sole occupant. Therefore, the costs can be shared, notes AllTopStartups. This can be the case with a serviced office from BE Offices, which runs commercial spaces in various parts of the UK capital.