Why Customer Service is the Backbone of Every Successful Business

Everybody likes to feel important. Most people strive to achieve importance throughout their lives, no matter how their interests, hobbies and careers differ. It’s a basic human instinct for people to want to rise to the top in whatever they’re doing. Where consumerism is concerned, people value high-quality products, but most importantly, they value high-quality customer service.

From a customer’s perspective, importance means being genuinely heard, understood and guided in the right direction. When a customer feels like their interests and opinions are valued, they will ultimately feel important. This feeling is then projected onto the brand and the high quality of service becomes automatically associated with high-quality products in the customer’s mind. When this connection is made, they’re more likely to purchase products and return for more in the future, simply because they were made to feel important.

Customer is King

The philosophy of ‘the customer is always right’ is the driving force behind the success of many thriving multibillion-dollar companies, such as Amazon and Apple, who are well-known around the world for their excellent customer service. In fact, pretty much every successful business today has adopted the mantra, “Customer is King”. When you’re in the business of selling products, it’s imperative that you understand your customers and value their service. After all, it’s the customers who are keeping you in business.

For example, Jason is the manager of JJ’s House, a successful online clothing retailer that specializes in selling dresses for special occasions. He strongly believes that his focus on customer service is the key to his success so far. Jason says, “At JJ’s House, we understand the importance of pleasing each and every one of our customers. We want to be there to help make their special days even more special. We employ a friendly and knowledgeable customer care team who work tirelessly to ensure that every need of the customer is taken care of. This service is definitely a large contributing factor to our success today.”

Another example can be taken from VeryVoga manager, Yvonne, who explains how the brand’s focus on high-quality products naturally translates into high-quality service. Yvonne states, “At VeryVoga, we carefully select each of our products based on quality. We always want to provide the best items for our customers and we understand that the best customer service needs to go hand-in-hand with our products. When a customer shops at VeryVoga, they can always expect to receive high-quality products along with an exceptional level of customer service.” VeryVoga has been a successful clothing retailer since 2010. Today, they’re one of the leading global online retailers for shoes, dresses and accessories.

Benefits of Providing Quality Customer Service

Providing high-quality customer service has benefits that extend far beyond simply pleasing the customer. Businesses that understand the value of customer service automatically end up enjoying a longer life. While it’s true that existing customers are generally more likely to return and purchase more items than new customers, this isn’t the only reason why customer service is important.

Quality customer service conveys strong beliefs in the company’s mission and places an importance on moral values. When customers see this, they will help your brand advertise by word-of-mouth, which isn’t only inexpensive, but it’s proven to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. Word-of-mouth advertising in turn will naturally help improve your business’ reputation, strengthening your brand and public persona. These things will help you retain customers for a longer period of time, which will ultimately result in a reduction of overall issues that may otherwise have cost your company money to resolve. Employees also value the way a company treats its customers and will be more likely to stick around and provide good service if the company places importance on the value of their customers.

Simply providing high-quality customer service can help strengthen a business’ brand and image, help build a strong team of employees and open the door for new partnerships and other powerful opportunities. Build the backbone of your successful business by providing quality customer service.