Why Companies Use SAP Hana

In this day and age, it is impossible to conduct a discussion about business without mentioning technology, specifically the growing importance of Big Data. This is not just a new buzzword or corporate fad- the ability to collect, store and aggregate massive amounts of data to drive sales, marketing and other aspects of business is becoming a common practice across many industries, and it is not slowing down anytime soon. In-memory data processing platforms such as SAP Hana are easy enough for businesspeople with non-IT backgrounds to use and understand, and are also more powerful, efficient and multi-faceted than previous data management systems ever were. SAP Hana and platforms like it are bringing IT to the forefront of business and allowing company owners to leverage consumer data to make predictions, draw conclusions, and model outcomes for more targeted, focused sales and marketing campaigns that lead to better returns on investment. As the list of companies using SAP Hana continues to grow, more and more businesses are becoming interested in SAP Hana’s capabilities and the solutions it can provide to companies of all sizes.

What can SAP Hana do for me?

Companies using SAP Hana all have one thing in common: they want to spend less money to see better results. By using SAP Hana’s data analysis tools to create queries for large amounts of data in real time, analysts no longer have to write-back or load data as they once did, freeing up their time to be able to apply their findings to real scenarios within their organizations. SAP Hana is ACID compliant and also supports SQL (structured query language) and MDX (multi-dimensional eXpressions), the industry standards, which means your company can easily migrate existing data to the SAP Hana platform. What’s more, SAP Hana’s programming component allows your business to create unique, company-specific application programs in order to fill your individual needs.

These days, predictive, spatial and text analytics are all gaining prominence as important and useful ways of gathering and modeling data to determine best business practices. Companies using SAP Hana are able to easily access real-time operational and transactional data from a suite of predictive, spatial and text analytics libraries that work across multiple data sources. Where analysts once had to wait days to weeks for these kinds of data reports to be run, they can now retrieve the data they need in real time, thanks to SAP Hana’s ability to run at the same time as a SAP ERP application.

How Has SAP Hana Benefited Companies?

The ever-growing list of companies using SAP Hana enjoy the newfound ability to process colossal amounts of data from disparate sources by a sped-up factor of 1,000 times. Companies who have migrated their existing data warehouses to SAP Hana are able to execute reports 100 to 400 times faster, allowing client queries to be answered 60 times faster than before.

In addition to improved customer service and communication, SAP Hana allows companies to improve financial reporting processes, cutting down on data errors, reducing the need for re-running flawed reports, and improving data accuracy as well as speed of reconciliation. Companies using SAP Hana are able to find the solutions they need in a packaged hardware, software and support system that allows for a low-risk implementation process that does not disrupt existing systems or slow down the flow of business while SAP Hana is being rolled out. Being able to facilitate the transition to SAP Hana without causing a seismic change in existing process is vital to the overall success of the adoption process.

SAP Hana and other in-memory data data processing platforms like it are fast becoming the wave of the future in standard business practices. Companies using SAP Hana are at the forefront of their industries, and have the competitive edge on companies who are still using outdated data analysis processes, As the importance of Big Data grows and more companies begin using predictive, spatial and text analytics to improve their practices, SAP Hana will become even more essential to your business.

Author: Shruti Gupta

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