What You Need To Know About DasCoin

Money and currency have changed substantially over the past few years and it is vital to realize that the price of currency changes quite frequently. On a good day, your dollar might be worth a great deal. The following day, the value of that same dollar could plummet significantly. This is why a lot of consumers have begun to look for alternatives that experience less volatility. During the past few years, cryptocurrencies have grown very rapidly in popularity however many suffer from the very same volatility. While they cannot be considered mainstream at this point in time, they cannot and should not be ignored.

A few specific cryptocurrencies will attempt to bend the rules in order to lure new users. Within this guide, you will learn more about such cryptocurrencies.

The Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies have become popular for a wide range of reasons. Above all else, consumers absolutely love the idea of the blockchain. The innovative blockchain is a type of ledger that keeps track of transactions. In Bitcoin’s case, there is no central authority figure. The maintenance and management of the blockchain platform is carried out by a network of nodes that work simultaneously with one another. While the Bitcoin blockchain system is definitely impressive, it has a handful of problems.

For instance, transactions often take too long. A new cryptocurrency known as DasCoin will attempt to solve this problem for good. DasCoin is capable of completing transactions within a matter of seconds. This better aligns the cryptocurrency with modern digital payment systems, such as PayPal and Visa, and will ultimately help user adoption.

Better Security

The blockchain also offers an extra layer of security to the end-user. Not only is it possible to protect the consumer’s identity, it is also possible to keep their transactions sudo anonymous. Unlike Bitcoin, the DasCoin blockchain technology relies on a combination of KYC and smart-chip compatible hardware wallets to provide the user with the maximum level of protection. The KYC technology gives users more control over their digital identity, while simultaneously allowing financial institutions and businesses to manage consumer data in a convenient manner.

This combination is enormously beneficial for everyone involved, including the user, businesses and banks. Therefore, the added security and effortless control will definitely help to shape the future of cryptocurrency on a global scale.

Incentives For Adoption

Businesses have been slow to adopt the Bitcoin. While there are a few Bitcoin ATMs, that number is relatively small. Futhermore, it can be even more difficult to find an actual retail store that is willing to accept this form of payment. This makes it hard for consumers to justify switching their conventional currency to Bitcoin, unless they wish to purchase something online. Newer cryptocurrencies will attempt to address this problem by providing businesses with incentives for adopting and encourage expansion. Once more businesses jump into the picture, consumers will have more justification for doing the same.

Regulatory Compliance

Bitcoin has never really been able to catch on. It has grown, but there still some hurdles holding it back from becoming a mainstream currency. Besides companies seeing little benefit of adopting Bitcoin, the currency’s lack of oversight is also detrimental to its future. Bitcoin cares little about regulatory compliance. Instead, the goal is to provide the user with the maximum level of privacy. New cryptocurrencies will attempt to find a balance between privacy and regulatory compliance.

This is where the DasCoin separates itself from many others in this space. This currency complies with governement regulations, yet it offers many layers of privacy to the user. Truly, DasCoin provides the best of both worlds.

Future Expansion

The future is totally unpredictable. Nevertheless, analysts mostly agree that there is a bright future for innovative cryptocurrencies that are willing to bend the rules established by Bitcoin. By becoming a little more like conventional currencies, cryptocurrencies will be adopted far quicker by modern banks and businesses all around the world. DasCoin will rely heavily on DasPay to ensure the currency can be accepted by more than sixty million merchants globally. Its success could help cryptocurrencies climb to a whole new level.