What is Zinc Oxide Good For?

Zinc oxide can be found virtually everywhere, from car tires to specialty chemicals to pharmaceutical goods to the food you eat. Using the chemical formula ZnO, the chemical compound is safe to eat as long as it is properly refined and utilized. A Zinc oxide producers serve as important suppliers to virtually every industry, creating different grades and forms of zinc oxide that can be used in everything from a ceramic glass to the paint on the inside of your house.

Pharmaceutical Grade Zinc Oxide

One of the most common uses for zinc oxide is its place in the pharmaceutical industry. Certain grades of ZnO can be manufacturer to contain a special acid component that aids in dispersion once a pill has entered the body. Obviously, the zinc oxide used in pills you ingest is different than the zinc oxide used in tractor-trailer tires, and each compound has a grade to reflect this. Different grades of zinc oxide are carefully purified to conform to the pharmaceutical and food standards held by different countries. An acronym before the compound’s listing usually tells what specifications they are geared toward. For example, bp zinc oxide is developed to meet British Pharmacopeia standards.

Paints and Coatings

Zinc oxide provides inherent protection against ultraviolet rays, which makes it terrific for paint, plastic coatings, and glass that might be damaged by constant exposure to direct sunlight. Additionally, it serves as an inhibitor of fungi, mildew, and mold. This means that zinc oxide is a valuable additive to paint both after it dries and while it is still in the can.

Zinc oxide producers are in a fairly high level of demand because a well-made additive using ZnO can allow anything from house paint to art supplies to ceramic coating last for much longer before it needs to be applied to something. Then, after it has been applied and dried onto a surface, the zinc oxide helps to prevent the coating from peeling or fading due to sun exposure.

Food Grade Zinc Oxide

As mentioned above, BP zinc oxide and similar grades can be used in food. This applies to both human food and animal feed. Zinc oxide is an essential micronutrient that helps to promote proper growth in animals. As such, food grade zinc oxide can usually be found on farms and even in pet stores as a component for proper animal nutrition. Dietary supplements, cold prevention lozenges, and other health-related foods usually contain zinc oxide for two reasons. First, it helps the food break down once it is in the body, quickening the effect of any nutrient absorption. Second, its UV-resistant properties allow the food and health supplements to remain shelf stable for a longer period of time.

When shopping for zinc oxide, it is essential to find a supplier that provides a variety of different grades, including food-quality ZnO. Before you make a purchase, make sure to explore the exact size, granularity, and quality that you need. Because zinc oxide is used for so many different things, using the wrong quality can result in major mishaps.