What Habits Make For A Strong Salesperson?

It is no surprise that highly successful salespeople are also storytellers who have an impeccable gift for connection and intuiting their client’s needs – all while seemingly being able to make profit effortlessly. Underneath their achievement however, there is passion supporting it, as well as dedication, hard work, flexibility and motivation. A strong work ethic for example will include preparing for every call and meeting regardless of how they suspect it will go. Passion will make them sociable, while having the ability to set clear goals fosters a sense of urgency and motivation whenever they have the opportunity to plant seeds for a sale. Their dedication is present when they can improvise and try new tactics that could benefit them in reaching their targets – regardless if doing so is comfortable.

Good sales people will also have the foresight regarding which opportunities to invest their time into, finding the balance between choosing the smooth waters that guarantee smaller but consistent gains and the unchartered ones that are more challenging but have the potential to yield a fortune. Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize when heading towards a dead end, or limbo (when clients cannot seem to reach a decision) and choose a path with higher potential.

Furthermore, expressing gentle enthusiasm while really listening to what the client says should always come first for a salesperson rather than blindly following their script. Unfortunately for hiring managers, it’s difficult to tell by looking at a resume, or even by interviewing someone, whether they do in fact possess these qualities. It’s challenging to find the sales personality that is most compatible with your company and ambitions as well. Thankfully, this ideal salesperson doesn’t have to feel so elusive.

With sales personality tests available through companies like Sales Test Online you can find that ideal candidate for a position quickly, saving time and company resources while alleviating hiring risk. The test takes applicants only ten minutes to complete and results are delivered to your team’s inbox immediately. You’ll see what they scored as compared against the target profile created for your role by the test provider’s analysts. With a 90% accuracy rate and 97% reorder rate, it is quite unique in its success while also being substantially more affordable than similar tests on the market. Furthermore, the model of testing was designed by industrial psychologists so prospective hires will not be able to steer the test in a direction that will have employers fooled; they must respond honestly.

Many who work in the sales industry will attest to how difficult it is to know whether a hire will work out in the long term, therefore choose a tool that makes the process a little more transparent. This way, you’ll indeed bring someone onto your team who displays good habits like awareness, amiability, commitment to the work, and goal setting abilities. You’ll also be more likely to find someone who will not waver, rather rise to the challenge in order to secure their wins.