What are the different kinds of coffee?

For some people the day can just not start without a mug of hot coffee stuck to their lips warming the engine of their bodies. For others, every hangout and family dinner is incomplete without a tray of coffee being served after dessert. For different occasions and different likings, this article explores the different kinds of coffees available for these caffeine lovers.

Espresso and espresso based coffee

Espresso is made by passing hot water through a measured mass of coffee grains in a specific time frame according to the kind of taste the drinker wants. There are many espresso based coffees such as double, Macchiato and Ristretto which are made by mixing the espresso, steamed milk, and foam in different proportions and styles.

Latte and Cappuccino

Although Latte also has an espresso base, it is specially mentioned because of the high quantity in which it is consumed. Latte has a lot of steamed foam added to it which makes it a much sweeter delight relative to its counterparts, and it is mostly available in a tumbler instead of a cup because it is consumed more at once. Cappuccino is just a chocolaty extension of the idea of Latte, with chocolate or cocoa powder sprinkled on top.

Long black and Americano

Long black offers a more diluted and smoky flavor that is said to reduce the effectiveness of coffee by some, but is absolutely loved by others. It is made when excess hot water is allowed to flow out form the coffee machine after the coffee beans have been fully grained. It is used as breakfast coffee by many day workers. When hot water to espresso is added from a kettle instead of the vending machine, it is called Americano because of this special American filter of adding water.

Dessert coffees

Of all the coffee types available, one which qualifies the most as a dessert coffee is Mocha. The coffee’s flavor is credibly enhanced with the addition of chocolate syrups (of high end and cheap brands) and is preferred as a drink by many cocoa lovers. Another dessert coffee is Affogato which is basically espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato. The variance in the flavor of this coffee from a literal bitter sweet symphony from the top to freshly made coffee ice cream at the bottom is the uniqueness of this indulgence.

White Coffee

White coffee can be a traditional flat white found in the land down under (Australia) or Irish coffee. They are basically coffees which are rich in dairy content such as steamed milk and thick cream and bring out a more delightful flavor instead of a rowdy one. Irish coffee is often found to be enhanced with a shot of whiskey in it too which makes it a good winter night drink.

Coffees of different kinds have originated in different countries, but most of these flavors mentioned above are available all over the world and give rise to many coffee lovers every day!