What are the Advantages of Using Aluminum Materials and Parts?

Aluminum is a lightweight silvery-white metal, found in a massive variety of everyday materials like bike frames, kitchenware, computers, furniture, food packaging, cars, power lines, and even medicine.

It is one of the most abundant metals found in the Earth’s crust and is extremely easy to work with as it is malleable and soft.

It is unique in that it must be extracted using pure electricity rather than heat as it is not found in its free form.

It is most commonly found in Bauxite ore which is a combination ore of aluminum oxides, insoluble materials, and minerals.

Aluminum is widely used because of the many advantages and benefits it has for manufacturing purposes. Especially in Custom Aluminum Machining Parts.

Aluminum parts and materials are

1. Sustainable:

It is a sustainable metal in that it can be infinitely recycled but what makes it more attractive is that it helps the world become and stay more fuel-efficient.

It lowers energy costs, shipping costs, and carbon emissions and it can increase energy efficiency in buildings.

Vehicles which are considered “aluminum-intensive” will receive a huge boost to their total life cycle of energy consumption because of how lightweight the metal is.

2. Corrosion Resistant:

Generates an oxide coating that makes it highly protected from corrosive elements. If an aluminum part is painted, lacquered or anodized, this protective layer will be improved.

3. Impermeable and Odorless:

Aluminum metal is non-toxic and will not release any type of taste particles or aromas, therefore, being perfect for food and beverage packaging.

Despite being so thin in its thickness, it is impermeable in that it does not let any type of taste, aroma, or light in or out of its protective layer.

4. Is Incredibly Reflective:

It works wonders in rescue blankets and light fittings because it is low weight, but also because it is incredibly reflective of light and heat.

This makes it great for buildings as well as aluminum roofs are amazing for energy efficiency.

5. Is a Thermal and Electrical Conductor:

Which makes it perfect for power lines as it is twice as effective as a conductor than copper, which is what was used before aluminum.

In addition to the above, aluminum is very mobile and has great ductility. It has a low melting point as well as a low-density level, making it easy to form into parts throughout the entire design process.

This means that parts which are almost finished in design can still be molded at will if needed.

In terms of mobility, innovative applications like cars, houses, planes, and even high-tech gadgets like cell phones and watches use aluminum casings.