Top ebooks for self-improvement

There are lots of ways to describe millennials that aren’t always positive, like entitled, snowflake, privileged, spoiled, and more. But there is definitely a positive characteristic that millennials seem to have in abundance, and that is the continual striving to self-improve.

The millennial generation are obsessed with it. People aren’t content with just going to work and coming home to spend time relaxing. Instead they want to give more meaning to their lives, they want to pursue something, to get better at it, and to make themselves more rounded and interesting people.

Everyone seems to want to learn a new language, manage money better, train for a marathon or something that will better themselves as a person. You think of a hobby, a skill or an activity, and there is a whole online community dedicated to it. And I think this is fantastic!

It’s ok if you don’t know what you want to do for the rest of your life, but what you should be doing is pursuing something; something that makes you better or more fulfilled, because something always leads to something else.

So here are some top ebooks that you can use for self-improvement, build your skills, and make yourself a more interesting person.

Marie Kondo

If you haven’t already heard of her on Netflix, then Marie Kondo is definitely someone you should be checking out. Her tidying and organisational advice has captured the attention of millions.

Marie Kondo promotes a philosophy of minimalism and only keeping things that spark joy for you. The basic premise of her ideology is that if you are holding onto something that doesn’t bring you joy or you don’t want to take with you into your future life then it’s something you should be saying goodbye to. This is complemented with adorable storage and tidying solutions that has caused thousands of people to go out and buy small boxes to put all their possessions in.

She is so popular because she’s teaching people the skills they need to get their lives into order. Organising your house can be one of the first steps to organising your life. In learning how to organise your possessions, you’re learning conscientious qualities that will take you forward to success in the future.

The series on Netflix are great, but if you want to fully appreciate the philosophy behind what she does, and to learn the techniques and tricks that will help you change your mentality and organise your life, then her reading her ebooks is a must, as they go into so much more depth than the series itself.

Lingo Press Books

One of the most popular self-improvements that people are pursuing is learning a second language. It has always been a useful and sought after skill but never one that was so accessible.

For the generation currently becoming adults and teenagers, never before would they have had so many resources available to them to learn a second language. There are apps, websites, meet up groups, books, communities all for learning a second language: you name it and it’s there.

And one of the best resources available are graded reader ebooks. A graded reader is a book that has been written in another language but to a specific level. So if you are an intermediate learner you would be able to find books that have been written for an intermediate learner. Reading is a great way to learn a foreign language but if the text is too difficult, it’s not going to be accessible to you. Similarly if you read children’s books in a foreign language, you’ll find they’re easy to understand but the story is boring.

Lingo Press Books have a series of Spanish books that have been written for specific levels based on the European Framework for Languages. Their stories are short, fun and engaging, whilst still matching the grammar and vocabulary of the level that they’re been written for.

If you’re learning a foreign language then be sure to check out their graded readers so you can have fun while you learn.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a classic and it is still as relevant today a when it was first released. In his best selling book, Robert Kiyosaki outlines key differences between the classes and the ideologies that each one has that sets their people up for financial freedom or financial failure. He challenges commonly held beliefs and explains each idea with clear examples and demonstrations.

The lessons that he outlines in his book can take anyone through to financial freedom, the only problem is that people are still too nervous to follow his advice or to make a move and do something. But if you’re looking to improve your financial capabilities then Rich Dad Poor Dad is the first book you should be considering reading. It really can set you up on your way to complete control over where your finances go. And let’s face it, when it comes to self-improvement, financial improvement is one of the most useful types.