Benefits You Can Earn By Implementing Social Media Marketing In Your Business

Social media scheduling is a must requirement in any business. When you make it your priority, you stay ahead in the market. It is a way to stay engaged with your audience. However, it is not easy to organize, manage, as well as publish your social media content. It takes a good amount of time as well as money to get results out of a properly executed social media marketing plan.

Reach the right time zone:

Some brands are well aware of their audience located at different locations all across the world. Taking each and every step to come in front of your customers is very essential to maximize organic reach.

ContentCal is a leading social media marketing tool that saves you hours of time, helping you to plan and publish your content and then of course analyse it’s performance. This makes it very easy for a business to post social media content on a regular basis and create more engagement with its customers – It’s also very affordable!

Post updates on a real-time basis:

Whether it is a product launch update or a regular company update, social media scheduling takes away the burden and enables you to focus on other different things. Some of the business sales begin at midnight hours so don’t wait and schedule your posts at your own convenience and time.

Map out your website content:

In addition, to be timely, you can easily plan your main social media posts in advance and also restrict the number of same-day posts. Mapping out your social media content enables you to get more strategic, as well as better at targeting. This will help you post more social media content.

Limit the number of promotional posts:

One of the principal reasons due to which people do not follow businesses is because of overly promotional social media content. You need to restrict yourself to the 80 % creative and 20 % promotional. This will help you keep followers happy and entertained.

ContentCal comes with some of the excellent features that will help you in analysing the performance of your social media campaigns. You can use the category tags for organizing your contents, and you can also use different themes for different categories. It allows you to generate reports as per your requirements, be it weekly, monthly, half yearly, or annually, etc.

By running the analysis tools, you can see which themes are performing better, in comparison to others. It is important to keep track of how the campaigns are performing, so that you can identify the various areas where you will need to improve.

Establish consistency across platforms:

An inconsistent and irregular brand voice can cause you a lot of harm than benefit. This goes true with social media strategy too. You need to maintain steadiness in your brand voice along with your scheduled content. Social media scheduling ensures a brand that their posts do not seem off-brand.

Social media marketing tools like ContentCal also allow you to manage multiple users from a single dashboard. If you are working with a team of social media professionals, then you can easily manage, moderate, and control your contents by using such tools.

Post engagement:

Social media marketing tools also provide you the features of identifying the levels of engagements at different time periods. It is a very important matrix to keep track of, so that you will know if your marketing efforts are being deployed in the right direction, or not.

Tips to schedule your website social media content via a scheduling tool:

  • Adopt an effective social media scheduling method that works for most of your valuable networks
  • Begin filling your social media content calendar
  • Know the different kinds of social media content for publishing
  • Set-up a message approval workflow
  • Identify the right time to post


Social media scheduling offers a plethora of advantages to any business, enterprise organization and agency. The energy and time that you save can improve your business marketing strategy a lot. Learning ways to effectively schedule your social media content helps in saving you a lot of money and time. It is one of the best ways to make your business well organized and adaptable.