7 Professional Tips to Increase Engagements on Instagram

Instagram marketing has seen a massive growth over the past year. Its mobile ad revenue also has grown from 3.64 bn annually to 6.78 bn. So it proves marketers are running ad campaigns and generating massive leads on the platform. Instagram is trying to improve everyday after its parent company’s facebook criticism. We are going to tell you seven professional tips used by influencers and growth hackers to grow their profiles engagement rates. Engagement rate is calculated by Likes, Comments, Views on average. Brands calculate this factor to hire an influencer for advertisement purpose.

1. Target a Specific Audience

On Instagram it is for businesses to end up in the wrong forums and being mistakenly labeled as spammers for it. Make certain that you are only going to the right forums and boards to garner more likes and comments. For example, you don’t want to end up in the “pizza fan club” when you are creating an instagram marketing plan to promote fitness and muscular bodies.

2. Time Your Posts Right

Instagram users are most active during certain times of the day. Therefore, you’ll need to carefully analyze when your targeted audience is most active over a long period of time. Since most business owners lack the time to go into such great detail, apps like TakeOff have been created to zero in on the best times for posting. Keep tabs on your Instagram activity on your Android or iOS phone to ensure your timing is never off.

Overall, Instagram marketing can bring plentiful benefits to your business’s social media success. With your posts, you’ll create familiarity and brand recognition among potential customers. You’ll be able to create a personality for your business and easily target specific demographics with how you portray your mission. You can also give a visual insight into your business to build trust and promote upcoming events to a larger Instagram audience.

3. Choose the Right Picture Size

Images are at the core of Instagram, but you’ll need to select the right size for your posts to make your Instagram marketing plan a resounding success. Profile pictures are cropped to 150×150 pixels, which is very small even on smartphones. The standard size of a posted image would be 612×612 pixels. However, Instagram allows users to resize images up to 2048×2048 pixels. It’s advised that you use an independent picture re-sizer to make certain your images are the right size before posting. You don’t want to turn away potential followers with grainy images.

4. Photos with Faces

An analysis of more than 1 million Instagram posts by Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs found that posts with human faces are 32% more likely to get more comments and 38% more likely to garner likes. There isn’t a ton of insight into why this is, but the researchers suspected that it’s partly because faces are effective sources of nonverbal communication that people respond to even as infants.

5. Be Generous

No one likes to follow someone who is solely focused on self-promotion and selfies, so don’t limit your highlights to simply what you’re posting. Add generosity to your Instagram profile by promoting others on your page. No, we’re not speaking on promoting your direct competition here! Simply look for other users who have shared meaningful picture posts lately that are relevant to your niche and give them a noble mention.