UPDATED: Analysis: Wikipedia’s 2008 fund raising campaign

Richmond (VA) – The Wikimedia Foundation has published a set of statistics about its fund raising drives from both 2007 and 2008. As of January 9, 2009 at the time of this writing, they had raised $4,480,211.85 from 135,115 donations. The average donation was $32.51, with the highest single donation of $10,000 donated on four separate days. They currently have a budget surplus of $530,200, which will go into a reserve fund.

Fund Raising Charts and Graphs

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In 2007, the fundraising drive ran from October 22, 2007 through January 3, 2008, a total of 74 days. The total raised was $1,544,806.18 from 44,188 donations. The largest single donation amount was $10,000. The average donation was $37.64.

In 2008, the fundraising drive started a little later, and began on November 4, 2008 and is still continuing, having run 67 days. If it runs as long as last year, it will continue through January 16. [See UPDATEbelow.]

As of January 9, 2009 the total raised is $4,480,211.85 from 135,115 donations. The largest single donation amount was $10,000, which occurred at least four times on four days. Additional large single donations included one $8,000, one $7,500, four of $5,000 or over, and eleven of $3,000 or over. There were 47 days in the drive where Wikipedia’s largest donation was at least $1,000. The smallest single-day’s largest donation was $165.95. The average donation was $32.51.

As of January 9, 2009, the Wikimedia Foundation has a budget surplus of approximately $530,200 which, according to a personal thank you issued by Jimmy Wales, will go into a reserve fund for the next fiscal year’s budget.

See TG Daily’s previous article (Wikipedia saved! Surpasses fund raising goals) for a breakdown of where and how the money is spent. There are currently 7 days left in this year’s fund raising drive.

Donations can still be made here.

Disclaimer: This information has not been reviewed or sanctioned by the Wikimedia Foundation, and represents an extrapolation of publicly available data found on the Wikimedia Foundation’s website.

UPDATED: January 9, 2009 – 1:46pm CSTRand Montoya, the Wikimedia Foundation’s Head of Community Giving who organized the fund raiser, contacted TG Daily to let us know that due to the fund raiser’s overwhelming success, and due to the outpouring of kindness and generosity which helped the Wikimedia Foundation surpass its fund raising goals so quickly, the fund raiser will be ending early. Donations will continue until 4pm PST today.

TG Daily extends congratulations to Mr. Montoya and the entire Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia team. Well done!