Two U.S. Senators want mobile spam to die!

Washington (DC) – It’s being reported by AFP that two senators “declared war on spam on Thursday”. Senators Olympia Snowe and Bill Nelson have introduced legislation entitled The m-SPAM Act of 2009, and is specifically designed to curb unsolicited text messages on mobile phones via an enhanced use of the nation’s Do-Not-Call registry for mobile phones.

The Maine Republican Snowe, and Florida Democrat Nelson, have targeted mobile spam because it not only invades a consumer’s mobile phone, but also because it could potentially directly affect their monthly bill, as some plans require paying for text messages received. They cite 1.1 million spam text messages sent in 2007, up 38% from 2006.

Snowe said in a statement, “There is also increasing concern that mobile spam will become more than just an annoyance,” citing also the danger of “viruses and malicious spyware”. She said, “This significant and looming threat must be addressed in order to protect consumers and vital wireless services.”

Her thoughts may prove very true with the iPhone’s expected OS 3.0 revisions — to be released later this year, as that device will then allow far more than text-messages to be sent from device to device or user to user.

See the original AFP article republished on Yahoo News Canada.