Top Reasons To Vist Nepal

Do you love to find the most beautiful places around the globe? Nepal is a country with lots of amazing opportunities and options for the discoverers. This country holds the World’s Highest Mountains such as Mountain Everest, Kangchenjun, Lhotse, Makalu and Cho Oyu. It is believed that traveling to Nepal would be an outstanding choice to enjoy the beauty of nature. Here are some great reasons to visit Nepal for enjoyment.

Enjoy the adventures of Trekking:

Those who are visiting this country should not forget to book Nepal trekking chance. Tourists and travelers willing to choose the trekking options in this country are suggested to focus on the services offered by government as well as private companies. Using this opportunity it is possible to explore the natural beauty as well we culture of people in Nepal.

Enjoy a super affordable tour:

As a matter of fact, Nepal is a country with a low GDP that’s why it is an attractive option for the tourists. Main economy of this country depends on tourism. Government and private companies offer excellent travel services with a low budget. For example, you can book a tour for trekking in Nepal just for $780. Best trekking sites and budgets are given here.

  • Everest base camp trek for 16 days just for $1370.
  • Everest panorama trek for 11 days just for $1150.
  • Annapura Panorama trek for 10 days just for $780.

Tourists looking for the Nepal trekking plans are suggested to contact us as soon as possible to get further details. It is also possible to get a specialized plan according to your tour schedule. It is recommended to find the trekking dates because tourists are brought to different locations in group in supervision of highly qualified and experienced supervisors.

Enjoy a tour of Pokhara:

This is a small city developed in a main attraction site for the international tourists. As a matter of fact, Pokhara is called the Adventure Capital of Nepal because of the amazing exploration options. Don’t forget to book a trip to Pokhara if you really want to enjoy in this country.

Visit Annpurana Region:

This region is famous for its natural beauty and exploration options. Tourists visiting this region can find lots of excitement options including the trekking in Nepal. It would be great if you focus on the trekking routes. Annapurana Region holds the title of World’s Most Beautiful Trekking Routes. You will definitely find it lucky to spend a few days in this region.

Bird watching:

Nepal is an attractive location for biologists and zoologists. According to the biological records, more than 856 species of birds are present in this country. Amazingly, this population is 10 % of the total birds present in this world. Enjoy trekking on beautiful routes and there will be lots of chances to see the amazing birds in nature.

It is recommended to book a tour as soon as possible. Contact us for further details about trekking in Nepal and other fun options in this country.