Top Local SEO Tips for an eCommerce Website

Is your eCommerce site’s SEO optimized for local searches? If you have answered no, then there is a figure to share – 47% consumers look for local information on their phones and 50% study and review a product before making a purchase. If you are unaware of using local SEO, get in touch with a digital marketing agency to guide and work for you. But before you do that, have a look at these local SEO tips for 2018.

Google Profile

Google allows all businesses to create a profile and you need to claim yours. Once you fill in the details including name and address, Google will send a postcard to your address with a code to verify your authenticity. A SEO company in Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai can help you claim your profile. Remember to claim the profile for all sister companies as well. Make sure you map all local addresses of your businesses. This way Google engines are more likely to show you businesses when a person searches for example – ‘spectacles on 56th street’.

Local Citations

The number of local sites that link back to your site is a good way to rank on top of local search results. Ask local business groups or friends or vendors or your customers to provide links to your site or specific product pages. There are also site directories where you need to enter the name and address of your business. Make sure your NAP (Make sure your name, address and phone) is the same and correct in all listings. Inconsistencies will confuse both search engines and prospective consumers, leading to dropping in the SERP rank.

On-site optimization

It requires understanding of keywords, and analyze the keywords being used to search for products and services, related to your products. Seek the help of an SEO company in Mumbai to advise on keywords to use and their placement. But, this is just the beginning, it will also require you to optimize the URLs of your eCommerce site, meta descriptions, H1 and h2 tags, along with page titles. Having keywords on all pages is a detail-oriented exercise, but once implemented it will affect your search rankings. Remember, user behavior is not static and you have to keep optimizing your site with the highest-ranked keywords.

Customer Reviews

Your customers should review the products featured on your estore or the experiences they had while surfing, shopping, paying or returning goods. Remember, reviews on a product affect the decision of up to 72% consumers. Don’t delete the negative ones; instead focus on handling them with care, with positive language and viable solutions. This way you let your consumers know you have the capability to resolve issues efficiently. Additionally, ask each of your customers to write a review on the product page, your website or on a third-party site.

All-in-all, these four tips might seem like simple and straightforward ways to optimize your ecommerce site with locals SEO and to a certain extent they are quite simple. But, if you need to rank on the top, you will need a digital marketing agency to help you with the nuances and the details.