Tools That Every Online Business Needs to be Using

So you’ve got your e-business up and running, the site looks good, and you’re customer base is burgeoning. Now to take things up a notch. Growing your business should always be at the forefront of your concerns, and finding the time to discover new tips and tricks is hugely beneficial in the long run. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of online tools that can make your role as an e-commerce site owner slightly easier.

With tools that help with online safety, website analysis, newsletter management, and feedback on services, take a look at some of these options that may well help expand your company.

Spread the word with newsletters

If over 14 million people are currently using it, there must be something going well, right? MailChimp is arguably one of the best tools for the task of sending out online newsletters. Not only does the software allow for small business owners make use of gorgeous ready-made newsletter templates, but also provides interesting data on how many people are actually engaging with your emails. With this data, you can better determine the age group and time of day best suited for your online newsletters.

Give your website a safety check

You may have completed all the necessary steps of purchasing an SSL certificate to ensure sensitive data is kept safe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is watertight. 1&1 provides an SSL checker that can determine if there are any potential security gaps within your website. News reports that tell of major corporations getting hacked is an all-too-common sight, so it makes every sense to make sure your website is safe for your customers’ data.

See how your site is performing

When Google puts their name behind something, you know it’s generally going to be something respectable. With Google Analytics, an e-commerce site owner is able to view how much traffic the website generates and where most of it is coming from, plus much more useful data that any owner can pour over. All information is delivered in easy-to-understand graphs and charts and can be seen in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly segments.

Receive informative and quick feedback on services and products

Before you launch a new product or service on your site, surely you’d want all the evaluation you can get before the date? This is why Quora is so beneficial. A website owner can put out any question they’d like an answer to, and wait for comments from the online community. Whether you want feedback on pricing or any particular features, then answers can be found on Quora from interesting and insightful members.

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