Tips To Remove Fog From Windows      

No matter what kind of climate you are dealing with where you live, keeping the temperature comfortable while you are inside of the car typically means that you are going to have to battle with foggy windshields and windows. If you are someone that lives in a climate that features extremely cold winters, staying comfortably warm in your car usually requires you to turn on the heater to a high temperature. A direct result of this is dealing with fog on your windshield and windows. Whereas, if you are living in a very humid and warm climate, you are likely going to have your AC blasting which can cause the same type of fog to infest your windows and windshield. Below, we will be going over some of the top tips to remove fog from windows.

Tips To Remove Fog From Windows:

1. Quick Fix.

When it comes to providing a quick fix, you are going to want to thoroughly lower the temperature inside of your vehicle in order to reduce the fog. You should be able to do this by turning on the defrost with cool air coming out of it and/or by simply cracking your window even slightly. You will want to avoid using heat at all because heat is only going to increase the amount of fog on your windows. This is going to make the temperature in your vehicle cooler which can reduce the fog significantly. You will also want to be sure to turn on your vehicle’s rear window defroster in order to help reduce the amount of fog on your back windshield as well. This will end up leaving you very uncomfortable, but it should get rid of the fog as fast as possible.

2. Comfortable Fix.

If you are looking for a fix without having to freeze yourself in the process, you will want to turn on the defroster and blow warm air to the front and back windshield in order to successfully evaporate the moisture that has accumulated. Make sure that you are turning off your car’s recirculate feature while doing this because you want to be sure to use the air from outside of the car. That way, you will be taking in dry air at all times. Otherwise, you will be taking moist or humid air which is only going to retain the fog and moisture on the windows.

By doing all of this, you should be able to successfully minimize or even eliminate fog on your windows. You will be able to reduce the amount of fog that accumulates on your windows and by opting for the quick fix, you can successfully get rid of it as soon as possible if you are in the middle of the highway and you have limited visibility out of your windshield. The best thing that you can do is really plan ahead of time in order to keep it from becoming a problem to begin with. You can do this by keeping your car’s windows and windshield as clean as possible on both the inside and outside.