Time Warner readies AOL shake off

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – A filing by Time Warner on the US regulatory Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) site said that it is going to spin off AOL or part of AOL. If it can.

How things have changed. In a shock move before the last recession hit the market, the power of AOL was great enough to buy up Time Warner.

But AOL is now in the doldrums.

The board of Time Warner hasn’t finally decided what it’s going to do, and we have reason to believe that’s because it’s not sure what it should do. AOL is not the power it was 10 years ago, or even five years ago, for that matter.

Time Warner has told Google about its plans to get rid of AOL – Google owns five percent of AOL.

Time Warner also filed its first quarter financial results, somewhat caused by AOL and its network. Profits were down by 14 percent.

Online advertising is down. The SEC filing is here