Things You should Consider While Hiring Remote Development Talents

Today, companies all over the world are hiring remote development teams more than ever before and programmers happen to comprise a large portion of freelancers. If you are looking for just one coder or a whole team of developers, this article will guide you from start to finish.

While freelance hiring has its drawbacks, it is often suitable for certain jobs and projects which would cost a lot otherwise. Hence, it all comes down to opportunity cost that your business is ready to pay. Moreover, you might just come across a freelancer you have been looking for all along.

However, pouring out your business to someone whom you have never met can be a daunting task. Hence, a company is confined within limited ways of pulling it off. Therefore, it all starts with job description.

Work Description

Two elements to consider when drafting a successful job description:

  1. Precisely identifying the problem and,
  2. Looking for the right solution.

After you have defined the problem, it’s time you advertise for programmers. Add portions like specific skills required, past experiences and other technical information when describing the job to your potential employee. The purpose is to establish a clear contact and cut the clutter.

You can also add project briefs for specific projects. But it’s always better to avoid anything vague. Once you have done this, it’s time to look for a place to advertise.

Looking for Freelancers

There are massive platforms out there to look for freelancers. Such sites include – freelancer, upwork, SWAG, PeoplePerHour, etc. Most of these sites are well optimized for both job givers and job seekers. However, the task of hiring is still bestowed upon the seeker.

Look for the right people

It’s better to start thinking like a freelancer when you are hiring so the communications is clean. There are two options available – stage a project and wait for proposals or welcome selected people through invitation.

Manage Proposals

The best way to evaluate your potential freelancer is to hold a live video interview. This way, the potential candidate can be judged based on overall appearance, enthusiasm, commitment and body language. Although these might seem trivial but video interviews will ease hassle to a great extent.

Test Run

One great way to hire the best-fitted personnel is to create a trial project. A project that is designed to meet the touch points of job description. A test run allows for a company to structurally evaluate performance of talents.

The test project will have to be a paid one to attract great freelancers, but in the long run, this cost will greatly be outweighed by success in hiring. Hence, to avoid hiring the wrong person and team, a project is the best option. Moreover, a project task will allow you to evaluate the person’s communication skills.

Finding the Right Mind

There are two types of freelancers – one believes in commitment, sincerity, and professionalism. These individuals will duly finish their assignments and that’s it. They believe in a sense of formal communication and will limit themselves only to what is assigned.

The other type believes in going beyond what is asked. These people often seem to contribute more than what is expected of them. Thus, a better relationship develops which can lead to better outcome.

The Beginning of a New Journey

After all the meticulous work, you have finally selected your best freelancer candidate and it’s time to welcome them aboard. It’s always best to get done with the required paperwork before anything else. After you have formally hired your new personnel or team, warmly welcome them into the company. Remember that a comfortable relationship can start greatness.

Finally, after all the hard work, you have successfully hired your remote workforce. However, there still remain the possibilities of mishap and risks that are universal for all businesses. Thus, a few things like constant communication, evaluation, setting goals and expectations will lower the chance of blunders and greatly enhance the pros of freelance.