The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide to Get You More Sales

Did somebody say – ‘email marketing is dead’? You might want to route some stats their way. As of January 2017, an estimated 3.7 billion web users were using email accounts. Currently, more than half the globe’s population is using email. Do you need any more reason to take email marketing seriously? Let’s tell you some of the lesser known and high impact means and ways of email marketing that help you drive sales.

Create Responsive Emails

Researches and studies are shouting it out – mobile browsing and email access is on the surge. Responsive emails are a must for your campaigns, if you’re not already on them!

  • Design in a single column so that the content is rendered perfectly on apps such as Gmail
  • Remember that the physical navigation will be done by a finger, so keep the width at a minimum of 320 to 550 pixels.
  • The CTA button should be easy to tap; keep it 45 pixels at least.
  • Leverage white spaces to help readers skim through content.

Mix It Up

Digital marketers observe that even great emails stop delivering great results over time. The solution: interrupt the patterns; don’t stick to the same subject, body, CTA. Identify the biggest factors that made your initial emails successful, and innovate on those to keep the conversion rates high. Digital marketing educator Niel Patel did some experiments, and concluded that subject line is the biggest contributor to email campaigns success.

Nail the Subject Lines

Let’s delve deeper on the subject of email ‘subject lines’.

A CampaignMonitor report suggests that email with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely than others, for being opened. Adding your subscriber’s first name or city can significantly improve your email’s chances of being opened. Emojis have also showcased a lot of effectiveness in making email subject lines more effective. Also, you can merely copy and paste these emojis into Gmail email subject lines. Consider using advanced tools that help you create email campaigns that look great, are personalized, accompanied by analytics, and easy to integrate with third party apps.

Buy Now Buttons To Make Shopping That Much Easier

For your fast moving products’ sales promotions, cart abandonment emails, special offer emails, and ‘we miss you + special pricing for you’ emails, consider adding Buy Now button in the mail body. Motivate the viewer to ‘quickly’ get the purchase done (everybody wants to save time). Even for getting subscriptions for your events, or to gather product reviews and ratings, integrate the option of ‘doing the action’ inside the email; this pushes the conversion rates up like nothing else. Trust these tips, and improve the sales conversions of your email marketing campaigns before competitors beat you at the game!