The Online Transition – How Desirable Employee Traits Have Changed With the Digital Age

When our parents were heading into the world after university, the pressures they had to face at the workplace were slightly different. The expectation was to get a job and stay there until retirement, all while raising a family and creating future employees. This world, to a point, still remains, but businesses these days aren’t as rigid as they used to be.

The needs of the business community have shifted as the landscape has moved away from analogue to digital. The advent of the computer age was only the beginning of this shift. Today, brick and mortar businesses are having to move towards having a more online presence if they want to survive. This need for survival has shifted onto the employees as well.

We aren’t saying that your graduate diploma of applied finance isn’t a milestone.

Your degree is important – no matter what discipline. The shift has come in what employers expect from their employees. Let’s examine a few of the ways employee expectations have changed through the digital age.


When our folks were being hired on at our age, typically they had one job in their job description. Even the managers at their workplace didn’t have more than a couple of things on their plate during a workday. And certainly, they didn’t have to worry about their job description and tool changing yearly.

In today’s business climate, in employees can’t adapt they shouldn’t be surprised if they’re left behind. Employees need to stay on their toes for today’s employer, especially if you’re working in an online capacity. The online world shifts dramatically all the time, and it’s important to keep up.


A good learning centre ensures that its students are well prepared for whatever business venture they intend to enter. In the old days, it was enough to come out of uni with a proper degree and be hired. Business owners wanted people with diplomas, and that’s who got the job.

Things have changed in that regard recently.

Bachelor degrees are becoming less rare, and university enrolment is higher than ever.

This makes college graduates somewhat less special. For that reason, acquiring skills outside of university are just as important as finishing that graduate degree in applied finance. Customer service, for example, isn’t taught in university – it’s learned through extra-curricular jobs.

Multi-Faceted Employee

Being educated in a single discipline is great for getting into the job market, but today’s climate demands more. Having one skill set isn’t enough these days. This is especially true in hybrid jobs or jobs that require many skills and roles.

For today’s employee to be desireable they need to be able to perform the tasks that would previously have been handled by 2 or 3 other people. Online and tech jobs are very much in this realm, while online marketing for businesses can fall into this category as well. Having more than one skill is important in today’s world.

Expanded Knowledge Base

Piggy-backing on the last point, it helps to have a larger bag of tricks to pull from should your job shift or should your employer ask you to cover more. The learning should always continue, no matter the job you take. Expanding your knowledge base while you’re employed will make you a huge asset to your business. Having more knowledge will also help you should you choose to branch out in the future.

Keep Up With the Trends & Get Ahead

By keeping your finger on the pulse of where business is going and what employers are looking for, you can stay ahead when looking for jobs. Good employees keep learning throughout their careers. To stay afloat, be vigilant, and don’t be afraid to learn.