The Common challenges of live sports broadcast and how Sportlemon solves them.

Watching sports is one of the most common activities around the globe. Whether it is soccer, NBA, NFL, wrestling, or athletics, each of these sports have their share of the audience around the globe. Gone are the days when you either had to rush home to catch a specific sport or get in an entertainment joint to watch your favorite game. If the joint did not show the sport that you wanted, you had no choice but to forego it. With the advancement in technology, it is now possible for any person to watch their favorite game on the go. All you need is access to the internet and you will be able to stream live the event.

The birth of live streaming events has not only been beneficial to the sports industry but there are many other businesses in different categories that can count on live streams for their success.

While live streaming has a lot of benefits, there are challenges that come with it. In sports tournaments, there are a lot of moving parts that often get hectic because every participant needs attention unlike the case in the typical game. Live streaming also needs to pay attention to a list of fine details that require attention.

With all the required details of a live event, it is easy to forget about live streaming as it is assumed that there is no much need to check it. In many circumstances, if things go unchecked, there may be issues with every minute of a live sport.

The number one rule of successful live streaming is that you should Respect the sport. From our experience here at Sportlemon, below are some of the major challenges experienced during live streaming events.

The live sport may run longer than expected.

Every sport has an expected time frame that is supposed to run. For some reasons, a certain sport may extend its duration on the fields. If you are not careful, you may be forced to cut a sport because you are unable to endure the whole tournament. This may be a result of unstable equipment that cannot withstand the long hours of the tournament.

We solve this problem by periodically checking our equipment for any potential problems. If there are recurring problems, we sometimes turn the equipment off during the timeouts and/or half times to give the machines some time to rest. Before the start of any live streaming sport, you should always ensure that your CPU is at its optimum health.

The other fact that you should put into consideration is that your equipment should always be plugged into power instead of using the batteries.

You may lack control over the scheduling of a specific sport.

Sometimes, you may have created awareness that a certain sport would be kicking off at a specific time but due to unavoidable circumstances, the sports may be scheduled for an earlier time of a later time. In such a case, there is absolutely nothing that you can do. At Sportlemon, we keep updated and we inform our viewers on every happening no matter how minor it may seem. We often play along with the schedule. As much the rest of the games on that day will be affected, it solves issues to schedule certain games earlier than the actual time. Also, we let our providers know when the games end so that the even can be closed and archived from their side in a tidy manner.

Broadcasting live events have their challenges. Knowing about them is solving them halfway and there is a lot that we do to ensure that the live streaming is successful.