The Beatles on iTunes? "Don’t hold your breath," says Yoko

Widow, philanthropist, and crazy person Yoko Ono continue to think that iTunes is some of devil box, as she says there’s no way The Beatles will be available on iTunes any time soon.

In a Reuters interview, she said, “There’s just an element that we’re not very happy about, as people. We are holding out.”

The Beatles continues to be the biggest name in music that refuses to accept the fact that technology actually changes and will not release their music catalog for download on official digital download sites.

The world of physical music media is dead. The #1 music retailer in the US is now iTunes. Yet for some reason, The Beatles think it would be some sort of terrible show of defeat if they actually released their music for people who want to pay for every single track and instead end up resorting to illegally downloading them for free out of frustration.

There was some hope that the band was embracing technology when it allowed MTV Games to make a Rock Band game based on The Beatles, but apparently it won’t go further than that.

Honestly, it’s 2010. That whole arrogance thing really doesn’t have its charm anymore, and the band is doing itself no favors by continuing to spit in the faces of its fans by not letting them buy the music they want.

Still, Ono says, “Don’t hold your breath… for anything.”