The Backbone Behind Premier Capital Investment

It’s no secret that bad debts are what every bank in the real estate industry fear will come their way. Unfortunately, because of the tendency for the inaccuracy of our prediction of human behaviors, not all loans given as mortgages will be paid back at the stipulated time. No matter how perfect a customer’s credit history might be.

Unfortunately, families are bound to default at a certain point in their agreement with the bank. This default is bound to lead to foreclosure and banks licking their wounds. However, it is much worse for families who have to deal with the trauma and pain of losing their home.

Nonetheless, nobody prays for such a scenario when they go to take out loans. But, unfortunately, this is what continues to plague our financial system on a yearly basis.

Premier Capital Investment, LLC is a company established by Amed Hazel in 2012. It was created to take hold of distressed bank mortgages and alleviate the sufferings of homeowners by giving them options. Amed saw this opportunity and decided to delve into the real estate industry just at the right time when the economy was recovering from the great depression of 2008. Amed Hazel, who also has an extensive career mortgaging notes, has drawn from his wealth of express and is ready to raise capital for further investment.

Premier Capital Investment, LLC is well known for coming up with the best deals for both bankers and homeowners. Therefore, they are looking to cash in on the investment of budding entrepreneurs, who are looking to take the next step in their investment careers.

Hazel is the author of the book “Profiting from Mortgage Notes,” which can be found on He is also the creator of Note Buying Cash Machine, an online portal that trains new investors on the specifics of investing in mortgage notes. Note Buying Cash Machine can also be found on iTunes as a podcast.

Why should you invest in us?

With almost six years in the industry, we are what they call “old wine in a new bottle.” The experience we have spans back longer than our name, and thanks to our Founder and CEO Amed Hazel, we have been able to expand Premier Capital Investments.

Amed focuses on investing in real deals that can be measured, and his primary concern is that his investors feel safe and comfortable. So he added a level of oversight to a third party independent fund administration company to watch the accounts and provide read-only access to their investors. What more protection could someone ask for? He also added a financial checkpoint for full independent audits of all statements and an internal system of checks and balances for individuals that have the authority to pay vendors. In addition to that, Premier capital investment allows their investors the option of going and physically checking the books once a year. Do you have this type of protection on your finances? Well, if you don’t, you should!

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