Techies working up to 75 hours a week

UK researchers have found that 35 percent of IT staff are working more than 48 hours a week and 7.3 percent work between 60 to 75 Hours.

According to the research from the IT Job Board, this compares to a figure of 33 percent in the same survey carried out in August 2008.

Some 7.3 percent of respondents claimed that this year they work 60 to 75 hours on average each week, which is one third higher than 2008 (at 4.8 percent). A further 3.8 percent stated that they work in excess of 75 hours, compared with 2.4 percent in 2008 – an increase of more than 58 percent.

When asked the reasons for this, 32 percent of respondents in 2009 cited the high volumes of work, nine percent said they were paid overtime and 9.5 percent stated that it was what the management expected.

75 percent reported that their company doesn’t pay overtime, and 54 percent claimed to take work home. Yet, in spite of this, 82 percent said that they had not complained about the longer working hours.

When asked about the impact that longer working hours may be having on their professional and personal lives, 34 percent believed that their work productivity has decreased, 66 percent stated that their social life has been affected and 37 percent claimed their health had been affected in some way.

Teresa Sperti, head of international marketing at the IT Job Board, said: “IT professionals have always worked long hours, trying to devise solutions to problems, or working to develop the next major piece of technology. But what is clear to see is that many are working longer hours as a result of the increased workload, and because it seems to be part of their company’s overall working culture.

“Employers should be mindful to the impact that longer working hours could be having on their business, by way of decreased productivity, or employee poor health. And, they should step in to address these issues before they escalate.”