Talisker shares soar as Magee enters hall of fame

We all thought he was just the strange bloke in the corner with the useful bottle of Talisker. But according to the Daily Telegraph, our esteemed editor Mike Magee is the 35th most influential Briton in the world of technology.

The paper’s being a bit coy, in that it plans to publish the top 25 in a second instalment tomorrow – so we can’t yet tell you who’s number one. But the list throws up some interesting priorities.

Tanya Byron – yup, the so-called parenting expert – comes in at number 44, thanks to a government report she wrote on the impact of video games on children.

But Baroness Greenfield is only marginally ahead at number 37, despite having been knighted for her work as a biologist, and for popularising science. She’s probably best known for her remarks about the dangers of technology on young minds – but, as the paper points out, “She might well be wrong, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t influential.”

As for Mike, the Daily Telegraph cites his founding of The Register as his first claim to fame – he “brought a sarcastic, tabloid-style of journalism to the IT sector,” it says, calling him “arguably an influence on the snark-heavy tone of tech blogs.”