Sustainable Solutions: Nespresso Chooses JD Logistics for Doorstep Recycling Service in China

Customers of Nespresso in China can now recycle their capsules with greater ease after Nespresso unveiled a new doorstep recycling program, which leverages JD’s nationwide in-house logistics network. 

To facilitate the doorstep recycling service, JD designed a recycling page which was seamlessly integrated with Nespresso’s WeChat mini-program. Any Nespresso drinker across China can now use the mini-program and schedule a JD courier to come to their door and pick up their used coffee capsules on either the same day or next day. Previously, this service was only available for deliveries to Nespresso Boutique locations or for selected B2B customers such as offices, restaurants or hotels. 

Based on a user’s location, JD will deliver the used Nespresso capsules to the nearest recycling plant, in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. The aluminum from the capsules will be made into novelty gift products like Nespresso-branded knives, while the used coffee grounds will be used as fertilizer for Nespresso’s eco-farm on Chongming Island, by the Yangtze River near Shanghai.

“It’s a great honor to work with JD for this project. Sustainable development is Nespresso’s brand responsibility, as well as the core concept of our business strategy.” Alfonso Troisi, Business Executive Officer Greater China of Nespresso, said “With the support of JD’s premium in-house logistics network, we will be able to reach more consumers and recycle more than ever before. We believe that we can achieve 100% recycling capacity all over the world in 2020.”  

“Environmental protection is a huge priority for us so we are thrilled to be part of this initiative,” said Wei Tang, Head of Key Account Management at JD Logistics. “Working with Nespresso to leverage our logistics is making it easier than ever for consumers and businesses to do their part to be green. This is one of many initiatives in this vein, and there will certainly be more in the future.”

This is not JD Logistics’ first foray into recycling. Last year, JD leveraged its huge in-house logistics fleet to collect used clothes from households over China as part of an effort with the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness of sustainable development in the retail industry.

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