Steve Jobs still working for Apple

Steve Jobs is very ill and hasn’t been working full-time for more than three weeks, but he wants people to know he’s still working for the company, telecommuting as best he can.

Early this year, Jobs said he would be taking an indefinite medical leave to ease the strain on his continuing health problems. However, he’s certainly not quitting.

The 55-year-old CEO has been taking meetings at his home and working over the phone with his colleagues. He’s even stepped into the office a couple times.

Jobs remains the CEO although COO Timothy Cook has been acting as the head of the company during Jobs’s indefinite absence.

Unlike virtually any other company, Apple’s CEO is seen as the key asset to the entire company. When Jobs announced he was stepping away from his day-to-day operations, stock price began to drop.

However, it happened around the same time as the Verizon iPhone announcement so that helped keep the price of Apple shares high. They probably could have been much higher, though, if Jobs didn’t have his serious medical issues.

Jobs has had to leave Apple for extended periods of time before, but he has a lot of perseverance.