Influencers and Startups: Help Mates?

The first time you saw an influencer was probably on television, when one of your favorite musicians told you how he eats vegetable oil to lower their cholesterol or something of the sort. Today, influencers that have the greatest impact on their audience do not necessarily have to have the same status of a celebrity; they just need to be authorities in their market niche.

Influencer marketing can help startups get there and market their products, and services to a wider audience at a cost they can afford. By connecting with the right authoritative people, startups can run a profitable marketing campaign and get a higher return on investment (ROI).

Who Are Influencers?

An influencer is someone who can convince other people to do something. A father can influence his child, because that child perceives what the father says is important or valuable. An influencer in social networks is someone who exercises influence through channels like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Finding What You Need: The Right Influencer(s)

Influencer marketing can help your company get started and then help your business to grow gradually. Bloggers and Influencers at SeedingUp believe influencer marketing is an effective innovative marketing strategy.

The first thing you have to do is to find influential people who are ideal for your type of industry. There are many tools that can help you identify influential people in your chosen market. But it is important to know exactly what you are looking for if you want to get the best results. The purpose in itself is not necessarily equal to a powerful influencer, it is also necessary to consider things such as relevance and resonance.

When looking for influential people, your first priority should be relevance. Avoid focusing only on the next size. Rather than reaching an uninterested large audience, you should try to reach a small but involved and relevant audience.

Influencers and Startups: Mutual Benefits

Offer Free Products / Services In Exchange For Reviews

Startups usually have limited budgets and are always looking for profitable ways to market their products. That’s why influential marketing meets the requirements. If you cannot give your influencers money, then try free products. You can send free products / samples to influential people in exchange for comments and recommendations. However, not all those who influence would be interested in this type of association. So be sure to discuss the agreement in advance.

Try Publishing Influential Guests Posts

Influential bloggers are always looking for new content to engage their audience. Because it is not always easy to produce fresh and consistent content, some may even accept guest publications. For a start, you can communicate with influential people and offer to write for them. This will help you develop a personal relationship with influencers and take advantage of their networks.


Another simple, but effective way in which startups and influential people can benefit from each other is networking. As a brand, I suggest you promote influential people in press conferences or other public relations events. This will help improve the visibility and connections of your influencers. This will also help to nurture better correspondence with your influencers – they will become naturally more interested, and they will promote your brand better.

My Take

You must maintain a good rapport with your influencers – the relationship between you and your influencers must never be one-sided. If the benefits are not mutual, then most likely, the relationship will be disrupted. Therefore, use the tips above to improve the way you work with influencers to achieve long-term benefits.