How Deliveries Are More Digitally Connected Than Ever

Technological developments have revolutionized the delivery and courier industry. Businesses now have more choice than ever when deciding on what services to offer their customers.

So, can choosing the right delivery service actually have a positive effect your business sales? We think so. Here’s how deliveries can enhance your supply chain and improve your customer satisfaction.

Why Delivery Options Matter

Offering more delivery choices at the checkout is an important factor for when you’re doing business online – 51% of consumers have said they abandoned an online order before completing the purchase due to the poor delivery choices on offer. Fast delivery, or even nominated day delivery could make all the difference in completing a sale.

What’s more, businesses can’t prioritise either delivery speed, cost or delivering on time. Consumers want to personalise their delivery for each purchase to meet their specific needs. This can become incredibly complex for a business to manage – so how can technology help?

More Visibility Within the Supply Chain

Previously, businesses have only had a vague idea of when an order has been shipped and who is handling it at each part of the supply chain process. Businesses can now monitor their products at distribution centres and their outbound customer orders.

Having increased visibility in the supply chain means that you can optimise or improve any areas that you feel aren’t running smoothly, whilst also giving you a clearer picture of where your products are and more accurate dates and times of delivery.

Giving Value to Your Customers

49% of consumers say that they’d be willing to pay more for a better or more convenient delivery option that will fit around their busy lifestyles. A personalised service where customers can choose a specific time and day for their purchases to be delivered, or see where their order is at any given time can be the deciding factor on whether they complete their transaction.

Tracked Deliveries

Delivery companies like Whistl offer a number of options for trackable deliveries for businesses, with part tracked and fully tracked services that range from a 1 day to 3 days’ turnaround. Here are the benefits of providing a tracked service for your customers:

  • Lowers the risk of items going missing in transit.
  • Improves customer service as you can provide definite answers for customer queries on where their parcel is.
  • Customers can go online and monitor where their parcel is.
  • Better troubleshooting – by continuously improving your operations, you can build a reputation for reliability and credibility.

Technology has made it possible to make your deliveries more connected than ever as you and your customers can track where the items are at each stage of the delivery process. Don’t overlook the importance of your delivery service – staying connected can have a positive effect on your business’s success.