Five Marketing Strategies Startups Can Learn from Major Brands

Creating and building a brand is not an easy task, but one that every startup should focus on. The aim of every brand is to increase their conversion rates, generate sales, grow influence, increase loyal customers, and build a strong presence in the market scene.

Despite the low income and budget that come with being a startup, there are basic marketing strategies like email marketing and direct marketing among others that will fit in your budget and increase your conversion at a reduced rate.

Thanks to the growth of the Internet over the past years, the first step toward building a brand is to establish a strong online presence. This is because the Internet has become a hub where businesses all over the world carry out their commercial activities.

As a startup, your business needs a website and business accounts on popular social media platforms. If your startup will handle most of its activities online, you need secure cloud hosting to keep your website data safe. With the strong online presence, you stand to grow your brand quicker and leverage the unfair advantage the internet grants to businesses.

Here are other marketing strategies you can utilize for your startup.

Brand Consistency

One of the guaranteed ways to grow your brand is to recognize the power of consistency. Coca Cola, for example, despite being over 130 years old, has kept to its red and white signature colors and the same logo. This consistency helps you secure the market and leave an imprint on the minds of the consumers.

Creating a Movement

You can grow your brand faster if you generate and weave a movement around it. When people know your product is targeted towards a particular demographic or meant for a cause, it can give you the leverage you need. Brands like Apple, and Microsoft, thrive on the cult following they generated through the movements they created. Despite the competition and cost, people will still buy your products if you create a movement around your brand.

Selling a Story

When you sell a story, you give people the chance to relate to that story. Once they do so, they see themselves believing you more and identifying with you. Nike, along with some other big brands, uses the subtle act of storytelling to reach multiple groups and widen its influence.

Creating Trust

Trust is generated when people believe you know about a particular subject and have their interest at heart. Toothpaste brands like Colgate set themselves apart from the competition by giving valuable information to users. This generates blind trust that can grow your brand rapidly.

Stand for Something

If your brand is known for something and you maintain it, people will come to believe it and prefer your brand to others. If you keep pushing the idea that your product is the most refined, or is stronger than others; focus on that message and keep passing it across until everybody believes it. That will set you apart from your competition.

While it might take you decades to reach the level of some of these big brands, you can get there quicker by learning from their mistakes, experiments, and successes. Plan and implement these marketing strategies for a greater worldwide reach.