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Best Custom Leather Jackets – Made By You, For You

If you do something by yourself, for yourself, chances are you’d do it brilliantly. Why? Because it’s for YOU! Because no one can understand you better than you. Plus, we folks, enjoy doing it for ourselves.

In the business world, especially fashion, there is a phenomenon, called ‘customization’. Where companies allow individuals or its customers to modify/change something in its products based on their individual needs.

“Oh, you don’t like this design on the t-shirt; we’ll change it. Or better, would you like something of your own to be printed on this?” Similarly, “I don’t like this upper pocket on the coat. Can I have it removed?” And so on and so forth, there are literally like hundreds of examples of customization and we love them all 🙂

Custom Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are a wardrobe staple, a timeless investment that will last for many years. Although there are lots of players who sell good off-the-shelves leather jackets and may offer made-to-measure tailoring, if you’re like one of us, who want to reflect your own identity and creativity through your jackets, you’d go for a custom jacket.

Moreover, aside from expressing yourself, you’d also like to not dig deep in your pockets when buying a custom leather jacket. Then, there is the matter of finding a reliable company which offers quality and full-custom jackets. Because, big jacket manufacturers only allow limited modifications, as they want their products to reflect their own identity and not of others or of customers’.

The Jacket Maker fills this gap brilliantly!

The Jacket Maker

The Jacket Maker is an e-commerce startup which combines traditional bespoke with technology to make premium custom and ready-made jackets. Its digital bespoke process is truly bespoke, you could be sitting anywhere in the world and get the same results as with traditional bespoke or local tailors.

The Jacket Maker allows its customers’ full customization, you can build your own custom leather jackets from scratch. Thus, giving you vital control and full opportunity to express yourselves.

Its bespoke process is really convenient, it involves customers submitting a consultation request on its site, after which a design consultant is assigned to the particular customer to help him/her with the jacket.

The Jacket Maker’s consultancy service is free. Based on customers input, a design consultant explains what is possible or not, what complications are there and how much time will it take to manufacture and deliver the jacket.

At this stage, a customer has full control over the design, embroidery, fitting, leather material, accessories, inner lining, and all other important details.

Customers can either choose a jacket from its impressive ready made-collection as a base to work on or they can also submit their own artworks. The Jacket Maker has one of the widest selections of leather jackets for men, its women’s leather jackets collection is also very impressive.

Based on the information provided by customers, a design consultant develops a digital illustration of the jacket for the customer to see. This way is really handy, with the customer having before-hand idea of how the jacket would look like, it greatly reduces the chances of error and dissatisfaction when the jacket is delivered to customers.

What’s more impressive is that The Jacket Maker’s uses full-grain leather for its jacket, which is the best quality leather out there, yet the jackets are so economical. It could be to do with its direct-to-consumer approach, passing on the benefits of not involving distributors and retailers to consumers.

Our Aspirations

We aspire individuality, to be unique and one of a kind; some of us channel these aspirations through our attire, in this case – jackets, to stand out. If a brand or its products allows us to achieve this uniqueness, then surely it’s a winner.