A Career in Hospitality

Is it time for a career change? Perhaps you’ve always loved food and dining out. Moving towards a career in the hospitality industry might be the right step for you, especially if you work well under pressure and are a people person. Really assess what you love to do. In the hospitality industry, you’ll be working closely with employees and clients alike. You must be, after all, hospitable!

Food-industry hospitality jobs range all over the place. They include chefs, restaurant managers, food and beverage directors, hosting, serving, dishwashing, and bartending. But those are just a few! The pay can range from hourly minimum-wage to salaries of over $75,000 a year, depending on the job type and where you’re working. The great thing about the hospitality industry is that you can start as a server or dishwasher and work your way up to head chef or restaurant manager.

Of course, you’ll want to train. Take time to invest in a course in hospitality management. To move into the industry, there are several certifications you’ll need, which you can get through specialized training courses. There are courses out there in responsibility of managing food safety, alcohol, and licensed venues, no matter where you are in the world; if you’re interested in an international career, look at sitting for a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Training is essential for those starting their career, but it’s also important for anyone already in the industry who wants to climb the career ladder. You’ll need those further skills, and it will demonstrate to your employers that you are will to do the work. Remember, some of the top-paying jobs do require a bachelor’s degree, and all the top jobs require several years of experience. You’ll have to put in the time and effort, but if it’s your passion, it will be worth it.

Get acquainted with top-of-the-line equipment. This is imperative if you are going to be working right in the kitchen, but it’s also necessary if you’re a server or manager. You need to have some idea as to what’s going on! If you want to spend a lot of time in high-functioning kitchens, be ready to understand the ins and outs of industrial equipment as well as the newest smart ovens and dishwashers. Lots of the best kitchen appliances are “smart” appliances, which means they interact with each other and your phone–or another connected control device–so that you can manage them from anywhere. They also have intuitive features, which means that they help reduce stress and energy on your end.

Hospitality isn’t simply focused on food, either. The leisure and hospitality industry includes hotels, event planning, casino operations, and chauffeur services. Within all the branches of hospitality are myriad jobs, including marketing, property management, concierge services, and and maintenance. You might be able to use your current skill set to help you shift to a new work environment, which may be all the career change you really need. Consider all these options–you never know what might be the perfect fit.