4 Ways You Can Make Money from Your Passion Online

We are living in a global digital age where everybody is online. Not only are people on the web each day doing various things, but there is also a large economy online with many job opportunities. As a civilization, we’ve come really far and today people can even pursue careers and jobs they are passionate about.

Today everyone can chase their dreams and do something that they like. This is possible for many, even without leaving the comforts of their home. The internet has opened up so many legitimate opportunities for making money online that there are already lots of freelancers and remote workers in the world.

Still, for beginners, it might be confusing and difficult to make the first step towards getting a job online. This is why we will share four ways you can pursue a job online.


If you are into writing and you like to write stories, articles, or news reports in your own free time, chances are that it won’t be difficult for you to find a job online. First of all, there are many freelance platforms where you can find lots of content writing or ghostwriting jobs.

Simply create an account on one or multiple freelance platforms and start applying for the jobs you like. Slowly build your reputation and knowledge as you climb higher and get better-paid gigs. On the other hand, you can pursue a blogging career and start your own blog to write about the things you are interested in.

Another option is to write eBooks and try and sell them on various publishing platforms online. Each sale will earn you a bit of money and if you are able to sell lots of them, you will start seeing some serious profits.

Get into the design industry

One of the most popular career choices online is being a designer. Just like being a writer, there are many options where you can find design work, with the easiest one being pretty much the same as with writing. Create a profile on a freelance platform, start building your portfolio, get good rates, and apply for as many jobs as possible and you will start making more money.

Design is a broad term and you can work on designing web pages, logos, infographics, vectors, and pretty much anything. When you get enough experience and build your portfolio, you can start your own website and professional social media account and look for jobs beyond freelancing.


One of the most popular jobs today is to become a professional streamer. If you are an entertaining person who enjoys being in the spotlight and you have the power to keep the attention of an audience, this might be the best option for you. Streaming is live video broadcasting where a streamer is the person leading the broadcast and offering content for audiences to watch.

There are many different things that you can live stream and make money with pay per view. If you like playing video games and you are passionate about them you can play games and simply stream your gameplay with commentary and offer tips, tricks, talk about tactics, or simply try and be entertaining. On the other hand, you can focus on other topics such as sports, science, history, or basically anything.

There are many options for streaming. Some people use platforms such as Twitch, others use YouTube, and some people stream on social media. If you are good at it and you are able to build an audience, they will donate money to you and you might even be able to get sponsors.

Running an online store

If you have a passion for craftsmanship and you have the skills to build things, chances are that you can sell those items online. The world is a big place and there are always people who might be interested in what you have to offer. This is why one of the best options is to open up an online store.

There are various ecommerce platforms such as Etsy where you can sell accessories and apparel. Some other platforms focus on selling art products, some are suitable for books etc. No matter what kind of items you like to create, chances are you can sell them online. In the end, you can also build your own ecommerce store and start promoting it.

All of these four options are legit and viable choices for making money online. See where your passion fits best and do the things you love to make money while enjoying yourself.