4 Important Ways to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

As a business owner, you need to make use of the power of social media to grow your business and grow your brand. From Facebook videos, Instagram photos, to LinkedIn posts and Twitter concise announcements, it is with no doubt that with the right social media company and a carefully managed social media campaign, your business is sure to be successful and the growth of your brand guaranteed. However, maintaining a strong social media presence calls for a lot of effort and commitment but the reward can be incredible. Whether you are managing your social media or your social media company does it for you, it’s high time to join the conversation.

Here are 4 ways to grow your business using social media

Be consistent.

How frequently do you use social media to post images, send messages or publish your posts? Regularity is the key when it comes to how you use social media, especially for all your social media campaigns. You should create your own plan ahead of time on how you will be publishing your posts and adhere to your plan. Your plan could be to make your posts a few times a day or even a week, depending on your aims and your social media following. Remember consistency is the key to success in whatever you do and so is social media. Consistency will make it easier to maintain a loyal audience which can then leverage conversions to your goods and services.

Post on social platforms that really works

To make sure your business growth on social media networks, there must be regularity in your posts, images and messages, and frequent usage of the different social media platforms. However, note that not all social media platform will be appropriate for your business and customers. There are networks that will work better for you than others.

The choice lies on you to concentrate on the networks that you feel to be the best and take a lead of the opportunity. When you identify the platform that really fits with your specific type of business and your specific type of audience, then you need to ensure you really push on that platform. For example, LinkedIn offers an opportunity to post long posts, whereas Twitter allows few characters, Instagram offers a good opportunity to post photos and Facebook allows for posting videos and memes.

Make maximum use of all social platforms

Although you may have a social platform that works well for your business than others, it is good to note that not all your followers feel the same. To ensure you become successful in your business you must ensure you use all social platforms. This requires you to create an account that will house all of the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Align the content to the platform

Here, you must ensure you tailor your content to each platform. If you have an account that maintains all the major social media networks, you should not post the same content all platforms every day. Ensure the content you post is communicated differently in each of your platforms. This means that you will need to format your content specifically meant for each platform. Photos should be best suited for Instagram, videos for Facebook and long posts for LinkedIn and concise posts on Twitter. However, all your posts should not look like fake duplicates.

Interact with your customers in real-time

For social media to be a driving force for your business, you must join the conversation, that is to say, you should efficiently interact with your customers in real-time. Remember when a customer has a concern or praise, they will make in know on their social platform they prefer. Therefore, it’s up to you to find out the platforms your customers prefer and actively interact and create engagements with them.


Having taken care of all the above, your social media company or social media manager would then be required to track and determine your results. You can do this either monthly or on a quarterly basis. There are numerous free and paid analytical tools to help in the analysis of your social media strategy. The major tools widely used are Google Analytics and Hoot Suite among others.