3 Startups Trying to Make the Road a Safer Place

Startups are reshaping the world. Entrepreneurs work tirelessly to bring their vision to life, yet many people hear only about big tech startups: Snap, Instagram and others that turn into billion dollar acquisitions and allow people to share their lives with the world.

But other startups want to make the road a safer place so that people can continue to share their lives on social media.

Three startups that are aiming to make the road safer are:

1. iHelmet

The iHelmet aims to end motorcycle accidents through an intelligent, smart motorcycle helmet. Offering far more protection than any helmet can offer, the Sri Lanka-based company was a finalist for the Powerful Answers Award and offers:

  • Blind spot assistance to keep drivers safe
  • High speed warnings
  • Air quality sensors
  • SOS alerts sent to specific user contacts
  • Parking spot directions
  • Smart tail-lights

The helmet’s design allows you to pick which features to enable. Sensitivity and customization adjustments are available, and the interior lights inside of the helmet can alert you when someone is in your blind spot or a driver is following too close to you.

A mobile app is provided, and if an accident occurs, your location and message can be sent to specified people to help you get help as quickly as possible.

The helmet has speed settings that allow you to alert yourself when you’re driving too fast. The helmet will even remember where you parked your motorcycle via GPS coordinates. When the helmet is removed, it will save your motorcycle’s location and provide you with a map to get back to your bike. There are also ports to attach your devices to the helmet, too.

There’s even a green light that illuminates to tell you that you’re wearing your helmet properly.

2. Raksha SafeDrive

SafeDrive offers a simple device that attaches to an automobile’s window and makes driving “smart.” The device was designed in Bangalore, and it’s dubbed a smart road safety platform. The device is an Internet of Things (IoT) device that connects to electronics and cloud technology.

The platform acts as a command center of safety, and if the driver is in an accident, it will open a form of communication with safety professionals.

The device was in the design phase for two years before the company started to release their product. The company started a KickStarter campaign to help fund their SafeDrive product.

The product works to help make driving:

  • Safe
  • Smart
  • Connected

SafeDrive plugs into your vehicle’s port and offers:

  • Map and trip details as well as history
  • 24/7 coordination with emergency services
  • Impact detection and automatic calls for help
  • Breakdown assistance with access to mechanics
  • Driving analytics and scores to judge your driving
  • Smart alerts for everything from exiting and entry on the road to speeding
  • Panic button to call road safety officers

You can also setup emergency contacts that will be notified when you need help. The goal of SafeDrive is to help make every vehicle on the road “smart.”

3. Driver WatchDog

Driver WatchDog is a startup from Buffalo that aims to reduce the number of fatalities on the roadway each year. The United States has 10.3 vehicle crash deaths per every 100,000 people, with at least 90 people dying per day in motor vehicle accidents.

WatchDog acts as your own personal assistant when driving and attaches to your rearview mirror. The device will act as a live stream for activity inside and outside of your vehicle.

The device offers its own 4G LTE private signal and features:

  • G sensor activity to send an alert if impacts occur
  • Motor detection to analyze car conditions
  • Geo fencing to monitor travel activity
  • Integration with apps
  • Emergency alerts that inform the driver and emergency contacts
  • Dual camera recording
  • Fatigue sensors that scan your eyes for alertness
  • Audio assistance

Video from inside or outside the vehicle can be monitored and viewed to keep a close eye on your kid’s driving habits. Outside cameras will allow you to check the road conditions or help another driver navigate a situation.

Audio capabilities include Bluetooth and the ability to call contacts directly from WatchDog.

A panic button is present that allows you to alert emergency contacts of a potentially dangerous situation. Indoor vehicle temperature is also monitored to allow you to ensure that the vehicle’s temperature remains a safe level when running into the store and leaving a pet or child in the car.

Easy to install, WatchDog is designed to fit into any vehicle.