Investors back Dizmo’s sci-fi UI with $2 million

You may remember Dizmo, which we’ve written about before – the company is responsible for UI software that provides a slick interface for the smart home, office and other environments.

Interest in the project is apparently thriving, because following a successful Kickstarter that raised $44,000 (£26,000), Dizmo is now boasting that it has pulled in a $2 million (£1.2 million) investment ponied up by a team of hopeful entrepreneurs.

The investment was led by the CEO of Hybris, Ariel Luedi, who also backed the project when it was on Kickstarter. Luedi will join Dizmo’s board of directors.

He enthused: “Dizmo caught my attention as a pioneering concept and I wanted to contribute to its success. With the advent of the Internet of Things there is no question that Dizmo’s time is now. It has amazing potential for a set of focused applications across all industries concerned to harvest collaboration across the new virtual and interconnected worlds. It has the power to revolutionise the living and workspace of the future, and answer the needs of these new fascinating use cases. I am excited to join the Dizmo team to make it happen”.

Naturally enough, the money will help to speed Dizmo’s development. CEO and Founder, Matthias Aebi, said: “It is a great feeling when investors of this calibre believe in Dizmo on our path to success and boost our ability to reach the market. I am proud of the work done by the Dizmo team these last four years and excited about the get to market phase that we are now in”.

Dizmo aims to deliver an interface that lets users interact seamlessly with their digital content on any device, display, or platform, with an intuitive Minority Report-style interface that lets you shift apps (or images, websites – whatever) around, expanding or shrinking them, docking them, and sharing between multiple devices.

You will, essentially, be able to use the one touchscreen to interact with everything in your smart home (or office – with the collaborative powers of the interface also being something Dizmo is highlighting).

Dizmo’s software has already been released as a beta to early testers, and should see a production release next month.