The world’s largest TV is a 30ft behemoth

A British company has just created the world’s biggest television screen – a 370in monster that dwarfs the previous TV title-holder by almost 20 feet.

Don’t expect it to be featured in our Daily Deals hub any time soon though; buying one will set you back over a million pounds. Retailing for $1.6 million (£950,955), the aptly named Zeus from Titan Screens can easily fit four elephants standing atop each other across its gargantuan screen. You know, if the HD nature documentary channel isn’t working, or something.

Of course, building a screen of this size takes a lot of manpower. The TV is too big to be built by machines; instead each unit is put together by hand on site.

“”Our technology is designed around inter-connecting panels,” Anthony Ganjou, Titan’s CEO, told NBC News. “Every install we do is different, as these do not fit in most rooms.”

The process works by joining several smaller, but still sizeable, screens. The end result allegedly looks like a huge, single panel screen – though we’ve not yet seen the Zeus TV in action to confirm.

As you might expect, gigantic million-dollar TVs enjoy a somewhat niche market. So far Titan Screens has only made four Zeus televisions – one of which will be mounted on a rooftop in Cannes tonight for the start of the World Cup in Rio.

However, their rarity doesn’t stop Titan’s customers from pushing the limits of what’s possible. “Recently we had an inquiry from a client to work out a way to mount a Titan onto his ceiling, dropping vertically in free space,” Ganjou said.