Sony, Nvidia sued over graphics technology

Nvidia and Sony have received a writ alleging that they breach elements of graphics patents owned by another company.

The Biax Corporation started the case in a Colorado district court, with two patents being under dispute.

Biax is a Colorado firm founded in the early 1980s that designs, builds and markets high performance computer systems.

The first patent that’s alleged to breach a Biax patent is US patent 5,517,628 is called “Computer with Instructions that use an address field to select among multiple condition code registers”.

The second patent is 6,253,313 called “Parallel processor system for processing natural concurrencies and method therefor”.

Biax wants the court to injunct both Sony and Nvidia, and to give it damages, costs and the like.

This isn’t the first time Biax has attempted to enforce its patents – it has previously sued Intel, as well as Sun Microsystems, Analog Devices, Apple, Fujitsu and others.