"Significant" amount of cash stolen from computer museum

A cash box and more than a dozen checks were stolen from the Computer History Museum, from a locked cabinet in a room that has no security cameras.

Police spokesperson Liz Wylie said that some time between June 28 and July 6, someone stole a cash box that was stored in a back room in the museum that was off limits to visitors.

Unfortunately, the room does not have any security cameras, and even though the box should be locked up, it’s likely that the keys were still in the lock.

Given the fact that the museum actually has a cash box, there obviously is not a lot of cash going around there. However, the box hadn’t been emptied in more than 10 months, so there was a “significant amount” in there, said Wylie.

Even though anyone could have slipped into that back room, it’s likely that an employee was the thief because no one else would have known where to find the box.