gets sold for $13 million

Everyone knows that sex sells, and so does the Web domain, which has just fetched a nifty price of $13 million.

It’s seen as one of the hottest commodities on the entire World Wide Web. It has traded hands numerous times since first being established 16 years ago. And now it belongs to a company called Clover Holdings.

The former owner of the infamous domain name was Escom LLC, which had to put it up for sale in July when the company went bankrupt. Apparently just owning a poweful website name isn’t enough to make everyone a millionaire.

Rights for the taboo domain went up at an auction, where Clover Holdings came away the winner with the impressively high $13 million bid. It is believed to be the cheapest anyone has taken control of the site name, but not by much. In the several times it has changed ownership, prices of sale have been around $14 million to $16 million.

Despite the strength of just a domain, hasn’t really found much of an audience. It currently offers a bunch of links for viewers to rate “sexy” photos, search for potential mates, and find sex-related products to purchase. It has never been used as a porn site.

It’s unclear what Clover Holdings wants to do with the domain. It’s even unclear what exactly Clover Holdings is. It seems everyone who buys ends up getting buyer’s remorse, but we’ll see if these guys can actually get something useful out of it.