Samsung finds loophole in smartphone ban

There’s a new chapter in the legal battle between Samsung and Apple. Advantage Samsung.

In the Dutch region, Samsung has been banned from selling some of its smartphones because Apple was able to successfully convince a court that Samsung’s phones violated some of its patents.

But Samsung is not one to be trampled over. The company made slight modifications to the phone to remove the offending patents, and is now free to sell them and skirt around the ban.

“Some of the technologies that Apple claimed violated their patents can be easily modified with alternative technologies,” Samsung spokesperson James Chung said in a Wall Street Journal quote.

It’s been a sometimes gruesome saga between the two electronics titans.

Samsung is currently banned from selling Galaxy Tabs in Australia and Germany, and is embroiled in similar legal battles all over the world.

In response, Samsung has filed a landslide of patent infringement lawsuits against Apple for various mobile technologies.

It doesn’t end there. Apple is now trying to ban sales of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G phone in the US, which would run on T-Mobile. In response, the carrier is coming out and saying enough is enough.

T-Mobile stepped into the case and asked the court if it could submit a legal filing in the hopes of preventing any sort of preliminary injunction. The carrier also wants to appear at the hearing when Apple and Samsung lawyers will present their case next month.

T-Mobile has joined Verizon in a growing list of companies siding with Samsung in this ugly intellectual property battle.

But Samsung is now saying it could start slightly modifying all of its “offending” products and spit all over the Apple legal action. The story just continues to unfold.