Sam’s Club will also start selling iPads, iPhones

The warehouse club owned by the Wal-Mart corporation will follow its sister store and begin stocking iPads for sale tomorrow, helping to catapult the number of retails outlets offering the device to more than 2,300 stores in the US.

When the iPad  first launched over the summer, it was available only in Apple Store locations as well as Best Buy. It has since been added to the inventory of Target and a handful of leading online retailers.

Earlier this week, Wal-Mart said it would begin selling the iPad, however initially it will only be selling it through its website and for in-store pickup. The iPad will not be anywhere to be seen on the store floor.

By confirming that Sam’s Club, which is a division of Wal-Mart, will also be putting out inventory, it becomes the first wholesale members-only chain to carry the device. Because Sam’S Club is known for reducing prices on every single item in the store, it’s going to be interesting to see if they discount the iPad at all. The company did not mention pricing details, although when it goes on sale at Wal-Mart, the retailer will not be able to sell it at anything less than its list price from Apple.

Estimates peg total sales of the iPad so far at around 8 million. That’s impressive considering it just came out six months ago.

Also confirmed in the same breath, Wal-Mart said Sam’S Club will begin selling the iPhone 4, making it the first official retail expansion beyond Apple’s initial rollout to the Apple Store, AT&T stores, and Best Buy.