Salesforce – Who Needs it and What Are the Alternatives

Salesforce is a company that has revolutionized the way enterprise software is delivered and used. Its products and services made a huge impact on the world’s industry. They entered the enterprise software solutions market back in the 1999 with a unique cloud-based Customer Relationship Solution.

The revolutionary part that this company has brought on the market is how their software operates. Their entire product line is software-based and it runs entirely in the cloud. Currently Sales Cloud, one of the products of this company, is the most popular CRM system in the world.

What made it so popular is its simplicity, easy and fast onboarding, no required maintenance and the ability to access it and use its features on the go via any of the mobile device at your or your field team’s disposal.

Salesforce is an integrated software solution that allows companies to manage interactions with both customers and prospects. Here are the solutions they offer to their customers:

  • Sales Cloud – CRM and sales force automation tool
  • Service Cloud – customer service application
  • Marketing Cloud – tool for creating personalized, cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • Analytics Cloud – business intelligence software
  • Community Cloud – online self-service communities
  • App Cloud – application development platform
  • IOT Cloud – the tool that will help you connect various data in order to gain more complete view of your customers


So who needs this integrated software solution?

All businesses that want to build their brands and to work towards inducing an emotional connection between their brand and their customers have opted for the solution that Salesforce offers. This unique approach to building a CRM strategy makes it possible for all business to organize, automate and synchronize all aspects of the customer support, service and interaction along with marketing and sales.

Here are some examples of businesses and specific situations where implementation of this CRM solution can provide most of the benefits.

Any small or medium size business that wants to successfully sustain business growth can enjoy all the benefits of using this platform. During business growth, it is important to keep both repeating customers and new customers happy.

Without good CRM solution, the process of managing a growing number of customers and tending to the needs of new ones can be extremely overwhelming and how businesses go through this phase will mean the difference between success or a complete failure.

Businesses that heavily rely upon feedback from their communities via social media platforms can also benefit by using Salesforce solution. The information found in the conversations on the social media posts can be very valuable for these companies. This practice can also cut down expenses for the customer support department by successfully deflecting tickets.

Businesses that need to completely understand their customers’ behavior associated with buying habits can face serious problems when customer data piles up. With CRM solution and serious data analytics, it is much easier to identify those specific needs of each customer individually so that businesses can make personalized offers and keep the customers happy.

Also, this solution allows business to focus on relationship-based sales via automated, personalized emails. This approach is more efficient than the transaction-based one.

Another great implementation of a Salesforce integrated solution can be seen in the institutions that manage finances. When your business is taking care of someone else’s money, customer service has to be top-notch.

When it comes to the alternatives to this software solution, a great one would be outsourcing. Outsourcing is a unique way for businesses to keep their focus on the core business processes while other projects are being handled by the outsourcing partner. It has become a viable option for many businesses worldwide. The projects being outsourced range from data management and creative design to research and analytics services.

Some of the world’s largest corporations are outsourcing even the most sensitive business processes, for instance Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Acer. Companies usually decide to outsource projects that would otherwise require them to hire new people or invest into new software or hardware.

With so many viable options on the market, it’s much easier for businesses to overcome obstacles that volatile markets and the competition may put in front of them. The best option usually requires serious research and consultations. This is why it is strongly advised to stay tuned to the latest news and developments in your industry and to follow renowned experts on social media and read their blog posts.

Written by Catherine Park