Rumor: Steve Jobs will be at iPad 2 launch event

There are a lot of Steve Jobs rumors being spread around these days. One thing that’s known for sure is that his health is taking a turn for the worse, as he has stepped down from his day-to-day role at Apple. But despite that, there’s a new report suggesting Jobs will be on hand for the launch of the iPad 2.

Tomorrow, Apple will be hosting an invitation-only event where the new version of the iPad will most certainly be revealed. This has left people to speculate who could be the main man at the event, since Jobs is always the star of the show. But with his assumedly worsening illness, many expected he would not be there.

However, news site setteB.IT says it has received word from a source that Jobs will actually be there. If true, it would bring serious doubt to the rumors that Jobs only has a mere few weeks to live.

However, there isn’t much to the story of Jobs appearing tomorrow. It should most definitely be taken with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, whatever is actually announced tomorrow will only be part of the news. In fact, the iPad 2 may well take a back seat to the bigger news story of whether or not Jobs shows up. If he does, it will be a fantastic sight and people will realize Jobs is at least in stable condition. If he doesn’t, it will be just as big a story, since Jobs would never intentionally miss such a momentous event.

In other words, stay tuned for tomorrow because it will be an important presentation in more ways than one.