Role of webinars in the growth of Start-up: Digital Technology

A webinar is the shortened form for Web-Based Seminar. It is basically a presentation, seminar, workshop or lecture that is conveyed over the Web with the help of video conferencing software. One of the key features of Webinar is the interactive element. With the help of Webinar software, people can share documents, applications, and audio, with the people attending the web-based seminar. This feature is extremely useful when a person is conducting an information session or lecture.

Today, Webinars have emerged as extremely powerful tools in the field of business. The host can easily conduct his/her event with the help of this, which is a smart development strategy for businesses. It also provides with an option of live streaming, which allows you to record your lecture and post it on social platforms. In order to get all these benefits, all you have to do is download some software to access Webinar. If you want to support your webinar with e-learning programs, you could do that using an LMS software. However, when it comes to choosing the right software, you will want to factor in certain LMS software selection criteria.

Webinars have gained a lot of popularity throughout the globe for all the right reasons. Groups of people living in isolated locations can attend lectures, and seminars taking place in some other part of the world through Webinar. Thus, Webinars are very much capable of breaking geographical barriers and spreading awareness to every corner of the world. Due to all these, Webinars can be crucial in attracting clients for your start-up. Here are the few important roles played by Webinar to help your business grow:

Develops trust and authority

Hosting a Webinar can develop trust and authority. It helps your start-up to showcase its abilities, skills, expertise, products and services, market knowledge etc. It also lends a human element to your business. Webinar allows you to allot a real face to your start-up. This increases the possibility of your audience getting emotionally attached to your business.

Creates business relationship

Webinar allows you to interact directly with a group of targeted audience. It helps your prospects to know you and your start-up better. Thus, Webinars are more effective than some 40 second commercial. At the end of the day, it is important for them to know you better if they want to do business with you.

Helps you to understand your potential audience

With the help of the interactive session in Webinar, you can get familiar with your targeted audience. This will allow you to have a deep understanding of their needs, in turn allowing you to customize your service or products.

Helps in raising awareness

Webinars help in raising awareness regarding your brands. You can easily promote your brand via Webinar. It is a great way to give proper exposure to your business in front of the audience.

Hosting it is affordable

Arranging conferences, seminars and conventional meetings can be quite expensive. However, this is not the case for Webinars. All you need is a broadband connection, webcam and a microphone to hold a session.

Can be repurposed

After presenting your Webinar session, your script can be repurposed, for imparting extra values to those people who couldn’t attend it. If you convert your presentation into a blog post series, you can make a permanent benefit from conducting the Webinar.

Can be a form of revenue addition

If you have a very large audience, it would simply mean that your sessions are in demand. In that case, you can charge people for attending the Webinar session. As long as your session imparts genuine value in the lives of the people attending it, they will be more than happy to pay the fee.

These points clearly bring out the reasons why Webinars can play a crucial role in growing your business. Thus, if you are the owner of a start-up you should definitely give some serious thought on it, as it might change the game plan completely.